New-style and plastic mechanical product line develops a success

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1, prestressing force is plastic and moire the new project that tubal product line is research development, producible be in charge of with the plastic ripple that originallies at anchor of slope of bridge construction, edge (round, flat) , it is the newest product that replaces metallic ripple to be in charge of, via me plant technology personnel tackles key problem assiduously, solved successfully not allow because of be in charge of Cai Bihou to cool, cause the defect with manufacturing slow rate thereby, achieve high quality, high rate, cost-effective. Make cost is reduced, profit rises. 2, ripple of helix of PE carbon element is in charge of product line to be Qingdao road understand development of plastic and mechanical limited company, this aircrew basically is used at producing polyethylene helix ripple to be in charge of, this canal material basically is used at (smooth) cable coat protection, and apply domain escalate to electric power, telegraphic, postal and the foundation such as freeway, haven builds apply. Have high strenth, tall tenacity, anti-corrosive, changeless form, carriage construction to go to the lavatory, and still can be machined provide material into the chief measure that can curve all sorts of radian, as a result of a lot of advantage, still get up to now of each domain users reputably, it is to replace iron pipe and PVC to provide optimal replacement product. Appearance of grain pipe unit compares this aircrew and common Shuang Bibo, have installation cost tall, operation maintains strength of material of canal of little, birth convenient. 3, drip irrigation takes product line is by Qingdao road understand famous college combines plastic and mechanical limited company and home to develop and be become, through a series of in countrywide each district especially experiment of Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Ningxia makes clear, the operation of this product rate of simple, automation is very high, can get used to the demand of small business, product quality of production is high, practical strong, get of broad user love, obtained major breakthrough. This drip irrigation takes product line to be measured automatically by diameter of head of the plastic extruder, model that blow model, canal adjust appearance, shape cooling and mould, qualitative orgnaization, drawing breaks up device, receive the composition such as an orgnaization this product line! 4, hollow wall twines large requirements tubal product line is Qingdao road understand plastic and mechanical limited company is mixed according to foreign advanced technique experience, the product that the innovation technology of a few plastic machine that join our country develops! CNC Milling CNC Machining