Milling machines the key of high grade bevel gear to discuss

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The puts forward qualification bevel gear of 1 problem, should tooth form is proper (involute appearance, teeth directional reachs tooth form correctly to be located in) of position of work center semmetry, zhou Jie is even, big, small end qualification of transverse tooth thickness, surface roughness is good. So, besides involute appearance be assure by milling cutter, zhou Jie is gotten by dividing head precision and correct graduation equably outside, the key of mill good bevel gear. Basically depend on in actual production how correct mill goes maining aspects surplus reachs pair of good centers. Question of surplus of main aspects of 2 correct milling is right the essence of principle of problem of surplus of milling main aspects, it is size of quantity of a deflection and symmetry problem. And although deflection quantity size can press a variety of formulary computation, but the influence as a result of all sorts of elements, if use the numeric straight fetch of cipher out to adjust a machine tool, criterion the teeth of a cogwheel that mill gives often shoulds not requirement, so computational earnings numerical value can serve as reference only only. 1) the symmetry that deflection measures should make tooth form is in proper place, must be mill ages the place when two side moves all deflection quantity size and dividing head place borrow Kong Shu equal. When jolty and transverse handle, gesticulation wants even, its shift size also can use dial gauge control. Such circumstances also may appear in milling process: Dimension of transverse tooth thickness is fat still, but refinance aperture criterion transverse tooth thickness needs thin. Because this is pure from at the same time transverse shift makes transverse tooth thickness is decreased thin, it is impertinent. Settlement way is, should make place of handle of the graduation when mill both sides borrows Kong Shu to differ, but must make both sides place shakes deflection quantity keeps identical. Because of mill both sides Shi Rexiang needs one opening, affect to dentiform symmetry very small. 2) when the She Liang that the relation that lends Kong Shu and deflection the amount is like main aspects to want mill to go is more and small end is less, answer to borrow Kong Shu to shake deflection is measured less more, because every lend one aperture main aspects place,the arc length that has turned compares small end to be gotten greatly much, if main aspects wants little mill to go some and small end when summary is some more, borrow Kong Shu less to reach shake deflection is measured less, the surplus that if big, small end wants mill,goes all relatively a long time, answer to borrow Kong Shu less to shake deflection is measured more. Specific when adjusting, the different scale that should press the B on bevel gear and L concerns to be treated respectively. To this, divide 3 kinds of circumstances to undertake specific discussion: A.

If main aspects to still have surplus at this moment, and knife mark and mill of the first knife give tooth flank to be received basically already smooth, the specification can borrow less or do not borrow aperture, and transverse even mobile and certain distance. B.

If main aspects,basic already mill arrives dimension, and mark of knife of tooth flank midway estimates outspread can receive again near small end smooth, criterion but the hand moves feed, let milling cutter mill arrive near small end (be less than small end) exit again, observation at this moment knife mark is in which position is received smooth, if be received in position stopping a knife and tooth flank,make the same score, can not borrow aperture and make transverse shift, its value is equal to main aspects to still need to cut surplus. C.

If main aspects to still have more surplus, and midway knife mark is received basically already however smooth, can borrow Kong Shu more and transverse make a few shift only; If main aspects to still have more surplus, halfway knife mark is apart from receive smooth differ again further, should shake more transverse, proper make choice of borrows Kong Shu. 3) conclusion wants mill commonly ability of two knives above has borrowed a tooth flank. And in mill when last knife, make the same score to prevent mark of small tip pivot to was not received, and milling cutter other one side however oneself come up against adjacent tine small end, at this moment handlers should stand in fore-and-aft, the edge shakes the edge carries observation milling cutter as a child two side leave bulk of clearance of alveolar both sides, make milling cutter progressively mill gives small end. A tooth-like part of anything that such mill give, if size carries tooth form dimension to achieve a requirement, criterion width of edge of arris of top of size end tine and wait for a requirement without broken line tooth flank, also achieve at the same time commonly, because this a few respects are,interact is mixed direct and relevant. The center of 3 correct milling the problem is to make to the center milling cutter the symmetrical line of two side involute (call large room the center below) through work center, say commonly it is pair of knives. The center is not aimed, can make tooth form to at the same time askew. More to the method of the knife, use commonly underline law and small elliptical way. Former oneself often applies, here basically discusses latter: Lying when bevel gear is being machined on mill, apply small elliptical way to be as follows to the unit process of cargo bandling of the knife: Make milling cutter stays in tooth flank to rely on external diameter place first, drive next and rise workbench, make milling cutter is cutting workpiece surface slightly, make workbench is in again transverse move back and forth slowly, milling cutter is cut in workpiece surface small elliptic (the 1) that be like a graph, cut jump over greatly shallow, small jump over elliptically small: And transverse shift is slower (or speed jumps over fast) , small elliptical figuration is more complete. Graph 1 small elliptical way is right because the knife is small elliptical center is work center, make center of milling cutter ply is located in little elliptical center so, criterion the center already was aimed. To amount to this purpose, make milling cutter center is located in little elliptical center roughly first, drive next and rise workbench, cut one knife around center of this small ellipse so, cut small ellipse two namely half, if be like a graph at this moment 1 in in that way A of dimension of place remnant both sides is equal, criterion the center already had been been opposite. At this moment, transverse scale is work center and coincide of photograph of center of milling cutter ply is fiducial. If A of size of shape of incomplete of small elliptical both sides differs a readjust is transverse cut a bit deeper, till till range estimation cannot discover both sides,A has a difference. A is smaller, it is easier to discern, make A is in commonly O.

5mm is the following and advisable, such, although both sides differs 0.

05mm ~ 0.

1mm discerns quite easily also. Use small elliptical method to the knife, accuracy tall, operation is convenient, master easily again, it is pair of knife laws of a kind of ideal. CNC Milling CNC Machining