Implementation of production equipment of bag of vest of type of Shang Hong conformity is onefold control Cheng, real time government

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Bag of vest of type of Shang Hong conformity makes equipment, from one continuous line of former expect finished product, include detain to go out blow Chinese ink of water of film, glue board to presswork, cut make head of bag, bag reclaim, make what 4 independence part Cheng incorporate, the concept that the design of the machine guides JIT (Just-In-Time) manages in real time, it is 4 machine be in harmony an organic whole, conformity is onefold make Cheng, advantageous real time manages. Of conventional plastic vest bag make Cheng, production process is multifarious, also want to pile up between flow, take up working space, make the adjustment between Cheng, often also produce many waste material, be like working careless mistake or communicate undesirable, criterion flotsam scale increases. Additional, the consciousness because of the sources of energy and environmental protection is rising in recent years, report of economic bad news and reduce carbon to discharge, already became the serious topic for discussion that the whole world fixes eyes upon. Of plastic vest bag make, in world each district, hold very large proportion. So, can provide section spare electricity, reduce the facility that carbon arranges, more and more important. Of plastic vest bag make Cheng in the center, have about the flotsam of 12%-15% (bag head) generation, collect / store / classification / pile up, need manpower and space. Subsequently reclaim build bead, need to invest equipment more, use electric energy with bad news artificially, ability reclaims plastic waste recycle becomes plastic bead, so that decomposite use. If classify not beautiful or color ginseng are miscellaneous, the model micelle multicoloured that reclaims, can serve as sub utility only (make rubbish bag) for example, the value of raw material is reduced considerably. The setting of the factory and dimensional cost, alive bound each district also lifts gradually, how can keep identical yield, those who reduce a space take up, more and more important also. The promotion with ceaseless in recent years labour cost, accentuated the burden of the manufacturer, of plastic vest bag make, also turn to southeast Asia gradually, wait like Burmese, Vietnam, the market with low pay. The person that how can help industry reduces labour cost, promotion competition ability, important with each passing day also. The machine of JIT series, use onefold make Cheng, shorten the distance of former expect finished product, yield instantly plastic vest bag, facilitate instantly visual managing, and real time the exercise that taste a canal, improve manufacturing efficiency considerably. Make Cheng onefoldly, the flotsam that did not adjust when production arises, and bag head reclaims instantly make bag, arise without flotsam completely when production, do not need to collect waste material additionally, waste handles below the province considerably cost and equipment. The machine of JIT series, because machine amount decreases, on bad news report, can decrease make an appointment with 1/4, be equivalent to blowing bag and black-and-white to use n originally namely, can produce plastic vest bag. And other use at sealing to cut make bag and flotsam reclaim build bead with n, OK and economic rise, save considerable charge of electricity every months. JIT machine equipment operates use space, also make the half of Cheng control commonly only about, reduce the cost that the factory sets considerably. The charge of electricity of according to Taiwan and land / labour cost computation, the common device photograph of the machine of two JIT series and identical crop is compared, can save an U.S. dollor every year about 53 thousand yuan or so. Because blow bag to control bag of coherent production flow, hot film is sealed instantly cut, the heal strength that also lets plastic vest bag is particular beautiful. Make Cheng commonly, because plastic film cooled, heat again cut, heal sex cannot is likened to. This machine breaks through a tradition because of innovating, already had the honor to win Taiwan medium and small businesses crackajack handler association awards golden peak prize, additional by Taiwan admirable firm association awards golden helm prize, have Taiwan 4 patent of 4 patent and China, in additionally multinomial patent applies for. CNC Milling CNC Machining