The skill of Kong Jia work of 0 blemish

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ENGIS6 axis aperture machines a machine tool, the robot of a randomized layout undertakes automatic fluctuation makings operates present automobile manufacturing industry to ask component supplier has measure of severe treatment spare parts and precision to control capacity, one of million portions defective goods is right at this spare parts one of 100 blemish of 100 are for itself. Fortunately, car component manufacturer gets coming from the help of supplier of machine tool equipment, machine tool system came true to machine a spare parts 0 blemish. Be located in Buddhist nun of standard of American guest evening the spare parts supplier that the company of American Turned Products(ATP) of Asian Yi Li area becomes automobile manufacturing industry since 1984, 70% what at present car component holds company sale about. Production vice-president Mr Harry Eighmy that occupies a company introduces, a few years ago, ATP company still uses traditional oilstone honing to machine equipment to undertake Kong Jia is versed in. Be in on exhibition of international metal processing technique, the one-way Cheng aperture of the cutting tool of many diamond film that they discover American ENGIS company machines the device that the machine tool uses at that time compared with ATP, have the craft advantage that showing. Traditional oilstone honing is to use a diameter to expand the cutting tool of type relapses for many times undertake machining through aperture, what the Kong Jia of one-way Cheng is versed in the machine tool has many substance is cylindrical cutting tool, the dimension of every knife is ordinal increase by degrees. Its typical process if: Treatment spare parts places the clamping apparatus in circumgyrate workbench to go up, when treatment the spare parts turns to the first labour when, the first cutting tool makes the treatment of one-way Cheng, the spare parts turns to the 2nd labour, the cutting tool with the 2nd largish diameter makes corresponding treatment, till all cutting tool treatment end,the spare parts rotates. Rotate of workbench every time, every labour go up to corresponding spare parts is machined, and a finished product is finished. Diamond cutting tool has tall wearability not only, and its wear away to be distributinged to go up to all cutting tool, every such final position that machine a spare parts are more consistent, change the machine down time with cutting tool indispensible place is shorter, manufacturing efficiency is taller. And diamond cutting tool machines tool petty gain than traditional honing. In view of afore-mentioned advantages, ATP company purchased two ENGIS semi-automatic Kong Jia to be versed in machine tool and system of an automatic treatment are used at the production of car component. The metal of great majority of no less than machines a process, the machine tool is aperture treatment process merely on one hand. The sale delegate of ENGIS and user work together, specific place wants finished treatment application, recommend system of clamping apparatus of the treatment kind that has efficiency most, spare parts, treatment to detect with cooling fluid, spare parts, automatic configuration option. Machine example: ATP hands in what 1215 alloy machine on key machine tool to quench in what provide automatic fluctuation material spare parts, the requirement is in diameter 25.

The blind aperture with deep 35mm of the finish machining on the spare parts of 4mm, long 50mm, public errand of treatment hole size 0.

01mm, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

7 μ M. Expect in automatic fluctuation the system is medium, the heat treatment spare parts of disperse is sent into deferent path into glassware by scroll, the handlers that a diminutive sends that division robot to stand in machine tool front locally, from convey to take work on the road, send machine tool circumgyrate workbench go up material labor in clamping apparatus collet. Workbench of machine tool circumgyrate takes part of this engine timing different working station. Such, the diamond aperture of the single stroke that a spare parts increases gradually through 6 diameters machines cutting tool. Turn to next makings to be versed in when the spare parts when, the robot moves it from inside clamping apparatus collet to detect labour. If the spare parts is inside acceptance area, the spare parts will be versed in through detecting to discharge conveyer belt, the collection outside will be being sent machine tool crawl finally in basket. Mr Eighmy pointed out a few advantages that machine a machine tool automatically, automatic fluctuation expects the bag is not very costly, it is the half of hand motive bed merely probably, and hold ground area and hand motive bed comparative. The treatment metre of two machine tools is identical, 9 seconds, but automatic treatment machine tool can run continuously, spare parts yield rose 30% to 40% . Additional, automatic aperture treatment machine tool can assure taller dimension public errand 0.

0025mm comes 0.

005mm, ra0 of aperture surface surface roughness.

25 μ M comes Ra0.

3 μ M. The most serious consideration is to machined a machine tool automatically to exclude factitious unpremeditated crime, made sure every spare parts undertakes machining below identical condition, this is we can ensure the only method that implements 0 blemish treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining