A few kinds of special type cast a technology

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Sand mold casts dimension precision not tall, the surface is rough, productivity is low, quality is not stable, labor strength is great wait. Always cast those who have certain distinction to cast a method with traditional common sand mold, a general designation is special type to cast. One, metal mold casts: With gravity pouring cast melt metal metallic casting mould (namely metal mold) in the means that obtains cast. (permanent model cast) 1, advantage: Next core, close model more convenient. Precision is tall, work requirement is good. 2, defect: Go up model exhaust is difficult, model and take out cast all no-go. 3, application: Basically apply to large quantities of quantities production is medium or small cast of nonferrous metal alloy; Wait like aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy. Usable also metal mold produces the black metal cast with simple appearance. Pouring the alloy of low melting point (the alloy that be like stannum, magnesium alloy) when, can choose casting pig. Pouring when aluminium alloy, copper alloy, can choose alloy cast iron. Pouring and cast-iron with steel when, must choose carbolic steel and alloy steel to wait. 2, die-casting: Melt metal is filled in the high speed below high pressure model, fall to cast a method cakily in pressure. 1, advantage: Cast quality is good, manufacturing efficiency is tall, economic benefits is good 2, defect: Die Casting structure is complex, production cost is high, manufacturing cycle is long; Metallic fluid is filled model rate is old, caky fast, fill it is difficult to shrink, easy generation is persnickety in cast Kong He shrinks the blemish such as the pine. 3, application: Big batch production is medium or small cast of nonferrous metal alloy, among them with Die Casting of zincic alloy, aluminium alloy application is most wide. 3, centrifugal casting: Cast melt metal circle a level, tilt or the casting mould that vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy rotates, below centrifugal force effect, the cast axes of caky figuration and rotate of coincide of casting mould axes cast a method. 1, advantage: Caky figuration falls in the action of centrifugal force, compact sex is good, cast interior produces the limitation such as shrinkage cavity, stomatic, broken bits stoma not easily. Metal mold refrigeration is fast, cast grain is petty, mechanical performance is consequently higher. Of metallic fluid fill model ability is good, can cast thin wall cast and the alloy cast with poor fluidity. 2, defect: Size of diameter of the aperture inside cast is not exact, inside the surface is rough, mental allowance is big; Be in pouring in condensation process, put-up larger organization is centered easily at surface layer, the blemish with generation chemistry inhomogenous composition (easy generation slants the alloy of analyse cannot use centrifugal casting law to produce cast like plumbic bronze) . 3, application: Multi-purpose at pouring the round cast tubal account of all sorts of metals, if all sorts of covering, annulus, canal. And can cast all sorts of requirements to organize compact, intensity to ask taller shape cast, like little vane wheel, shape cutting tool. 4, fusible pattern casts: Say to break candle to cast again. With Yi Rong material the makings that be like candle makes appearance (wax-pattern) , on about Bao Fure does a fireproof painting, make shape housing, frit gives look model the method can be cast pouringly after roast of housing classics high temperature. 1, advantage: Cast quality is good, but pouring the cast with complex form, can produce the cast of stuff of of all kinds metal. 2, defect: Cycle of multifarious, production grows unit process of cargo bandling, cost is higher, cannot cast larger part. It is commonly under 20kg. 3, application: Always appearance the spare parts of difficulty of complex, machining; All can consider to use fusible pattern to cast. Application is at present most is manufacturing carbon steel and alloy steel cast. 5, low Die Casting builds: Find a place for casting mould in sealed crucible upper part, lead to inside crucible compress air, in melt metal apparently create low-pressure force, make the metal casts a method cakily by casting mould of stalk ascendant fill and control. 1, advantage: Can produce the work with a compact organization, advantageous to the Bao Bi, compression, cast that prevents ooze; Metallic fluid is filled model smooth, without splatter and pound a phenomenon, not easy generation places the limitation such as arenaceous, stoma. 2, defect: Crucible and stalk suffer the dip corrode of metallic fluid for a long time, service life is inferior. 3, application: Application is at present most is aluminium alloy, there also is application in copper alloy and cast-iron production. CNC Milling CNC Machining