Embedded labour accuses machine the advantage in product performance side

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Ink> is embedded Ink> labour accuses machine, embedded Industrial Computer of English full name, it is the computer with the compact orgnaization that designs for industrial spot technically, it is computer of the buildup of a kind of consolidate industry, it can serve as an industry controller to move reliably in industrial environment. Common embedded labour accuses machine work of type having a case accuses labour of fan of machine, calm machine. Embedded labour controls the function of machine structure of fan of reliable, calm, bulk cabinet, price is low, and machine application accuses in labour Sino-Japanese hasten is extensive. Be in especially in last few years, as embedded technical development, embedded labour accuses machine also be development rapid, used each fields very quickly, hold more and more significant position. So accuse machine photograph to compare with average worker worker, embedded where does labour accuse machine distinction to be in? Where is the advantage? One, embedded labour accuses machine the advantage in product performance side 1, product function is comfortable it is good to match a gender, with be measured function of object be accusinged matchs almost completely, have certain expansibility but do not be main purpose in order to expand, consequently product sex price compares miniaturization of very tall; 2, device is to basically be reflected one of, reflect for compact model design, structural design can consult without the standard, should mature external interface and installation space are reasonable use; 3, dependability the demand is high, in electric function contented dependability designs a foundation, should consider carefully to come loose hot design, electromagnetism is compatible design, dustproof and waterproof design, aseismatic move the dependability such as the design to design content; 4, exceed design of fan of calm of low power comsumption to be the mainstream. As a result of device miniaturization hind, medicinal powder heat energy power is limited, and embedded systematic MTBF (mean time between failure) the demand is very high also, special kind of application is defended in unmanned value, exceed design of fan of calm of low power comsumption to become must. 2, embedded labour accuses machine and average worker worker to accuse the distinction of machine above all, embedded labour accuses machine in whole measure the located place in controlling a system, often carry afore, embedded labour accuses machine up join often is average worker worker accuses machine, average worker worker dominates the field such as support of resource of the operation ability of machine, software, database is embedded labour accuses machine hard look forward to reachs; Next, build in large system compose in, average worker worker accuses the system of machine to expand ability of ability, network news report also is embedded labour accuses machine replace hard; Still have, the design is emulated in statistic of monitoring of visible design, flow, data, scientific computation, prototype, emulate in annulus wait for a domain, average worker worker accuses machines and tools to have congenital advantage. CNC Milling CNC Machining