The machine tool is machined -- let communication do not have blind angle

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Rise ceaselessly as what achieve the diversification of the product and precision requirement first, original numerical control machine tool cannot have satisfied requirement, pass pair of existing equipment upgrade, the company can produce all sorts of equipment housing of 100 above everyday. Achieve an electron to be dedicated to offerring a network to optimize appreciation plan first, the product covers mobile to put a station continuously, include indoor type, base station power amplifier, cat head amplifier, and TV of microwave of dimension of net of actor of radio frequency of computer soft hardware, radio, rigid structure and craft, net, number, number transmits a system the network is enclothed, wireless data is received, LED is energy-saving the domain such as illume, mobile phone. Prevenient the city that start a spring is wide amount to 68000m2 start garden division first in, have workshop of center of a CNC Machining, special production achieves the housing of communication of various aluminium alloy that oneself brand place is used first, share the CNC Machining machine tool that many 30 homebred, stage produces at present, still have newest the aircraft of treatment of mould of VM2 of two Ha Si that purchase, produce all sorts of equipment housing of 100 above everyday. Do not let workshop director worry about director of preferment machining center before long Mr Wang Shiwen is pointing to machining center of mould of VM2 of two Ha Si to point out, rise ceaselessly as what achieve the diversification of the product and precision requirement first, original numerical control machine tool cannot have satisfied requirement. Purchased VM2 of two Ha Si in the company end 2008 then, after using a year many, the maintenance of precision does not have a problem completely, also did not appear other machine tool drops knife and the case that decide a knife to wait. In addition, when occurrence breakdown of other machine tool, want 23 days probably even a week, maintenance technician ability hurries to a company to undertake maintaining, contrast HFO of Ha Sisha door often undertakes actively maintaining to the factory, ever appeared scarcely accordingly the case of breakdown, calculate a client to inform maintenance, also arrived that day certainly, ha Si machine tool can say is most the machine tool that lets workshop director be at ease. The function operates human nature to change Director Wang Shiwen to express formidably, machining a respect, be being achieved first basically is the mill that makes aluminium alloy, boring, auger, attack the treatment such as whorl, accordingly machine tool of each mill plate can be competent commonly, but Ha Si processes the work that come out, always can compare other machine tool fluent, exquisite, this proves the precision of Ha Si machine tool has been compared really. Especially Ha Si VM2 has 22kW Hp, 12000r/min, double drive (Y-Delta) main shaft, still side of 24 cutting tool hangs type knife library, with 710 IPM fast feed, is workbench dimension amounted to 762? Mm × 508? Mm × 508? Mm(X, Y, Z) , especially automatic helix discharges bits implement interior of systematic tenability airframe is clean, have additionally can inspect fast code, user to define grand program, coordinate to rotate to locate with scale, main shaft oneself, but the multinomial function such as exploration module of nozzle of process designing cooling fluid and power source breakdown and deploy, it is very practical function. Be to comparative more on the operation human nature is changed, yi Xueyi is operated, in case occurrence breakdown can stop automatically machine, avoid to continue to injure workpiece and cutting tool, besides is software may choose the hardware that match to have huge no matter expanding, it is the person that let use very the design of save worry. He is opposite Wang Shiwen illustrate the satisfaction of Ha Si machine tool, he says, have the car of plate of several different mills like a person, car advocate know for certain to the function of every car very detailed, but inevitably meeting somewhat preference, and haing Si Qia is to start machining center first in most the machine tool of satisfaction letting a person and preference, accordingly, successor workshop director builds a consensus before, when if will not want add,buying a machine tool, ha Si machine tool is beyond question row first selection. Achieving science and technology first is the key company that acquires fontal state municipal government to support energetically, prevenient start division of garden of science and technology inside, can notice all street lamp are accompanying small-sized and wind- driven dynamo and report of solar energy labor board, this also is to achieve proper motion first research and development and make, and be in try out of oneself garden district start off before the others, undertake optimizing at any time, had this to cover equipment, the illume of whole garden area need not admire the electric power that bilks the outside completely to supply, those who take is endless those who use not exhaust, such invention and the wireless communication that achieve first the connection of this course of study, depending on them is the high-tech technology that need not rely on the agency such as electrical wiring to transmit energy or signal, also explain the originality that achieves first was not restricted, the free electric power that electric board contains wind- driven dynamo and solar energy harbour, make achieve garden area to become first most the garden area of green environmental protection, eye of the person that let look around shines, premonitory also move is achieved first enlighten prospective trend. 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