Assemble brief introduction

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Assemble a concept to ask according to formulary technology, assemble the part the machine, pass adjust, experiment, the made process that makes eligible product is called assemble. Assemble a process to be able to be divided commonly assemble for package, subassembly and general assembly. 1) the process that package rigs the spare parts two above to join combination makes component. Wait for the assembly of a transmission shaft that the spare parts comprises by axis, gear for example. 2) subassembly composes suite of join of package, spare parts independent orgnaization (component) process. For example box of lathe headstock, feed the assembly that wait. 3) the process that general assembly joins component, component and spare parts combination makes whole platform machine. 2.

The preparative work before assembling is assembled is the important level that the machine produces. The stand or fall that assembles quality is very big to the function of the machine and service life influence. Assemble undesirable machine, will make its function is reduced, the power that consume increases, service life is decreased short. Accordingly, preparation must have been done to work seriously before assembling 1) research and the blueprint that are familiar with a product, the structure that understands a product and spare parts action and mutual join concern, master its technology requirement. 2) law of affirmatory outfit recipe, program and require tool. 3) equipment neat spare parts, hand-in-hand travel is cleaned, Tu Fang protects lube. 3.

The assembly of main element 1) the assembly of whorl connection is assembled in, very apply bolt widely, or nut and bolt will join component (see a picture 1) . When solid becomes group bolt, nut closely, tighten to make originally cooperate power gets on the face even, answer to screw by certain order, if the graph is shown 2 times, and every bolt or nut cannot screw completely, answer to divide 2 ~ 3 times to just screw entirely by order. Graph type of 1 whorl connection pursues 2 screw group nut order is make of every bolt or nut screw degree is relatively even and consistent, can use the wrench that measure power (graph 3) . Graph the joint face of spare parts of the 3 spanner that measure power and nut should level off is bright and clean, otherwise whorl becomes loose easily. To improve joint face quality, can add washerbed down the livestock. Handing in change load and the whorl connection of the job below oscillatory condition, have the possibility that loosens automatically gradually, it is those who prevent whorl connection to become loose, usable bedspring gasket, stop retreat washerbed down the livestock, split pin and stop use the device preventing a pine such as bolt (graph 4) . Graph all sorts of 4 nut prevent loose plant 2) the assembly of scroll bearing rolls between the inner ring of bearing and journal and outer lane and airframe aperture cooperate to be more lesser be filled with too cooperate, commonly used hammer or compressor press fitting, get to make bearing is encircled even pressurization, use fill up a pressurization. Bearing overwhelms on the axis when, should cover Shi Li through filling up at inner ring end panel (graph 5a) ; Bearing overwhelms when airframe aperture is medium, should use power at outer lane end panel (graph 5b) ; If overwhelm at the same time,mix on the axis in airframe aperture, criterion inside and outside encircles end panel to answer at the same time pressurization (graph 5c) . Graph it is bigger that the assembly of 5 ball bearing is like bearing and journal be filled with too cooperate, had better be bearing condole in the hot oil of 90 ℃ of 80 ~ heat, take the advantage of shrinkage fitting to enter next. 3) the assembly of columnar gear is columnar the main technique requirement that positive drive assembles is the accuracy that makes sure gear passes motion, the contact of surface of teeth of a cogwheel of photograph clench the teeth is good and tine side clearance accords with a regulation to wait. Deliver athletic accuracy to assure gear, after gear outfit arrives on the axis, the radial that tine encircles beats and end panel beats should control inside tolerancepublic errand limits. In sheet when pre production, can put the axis of gear between two tips, undertake checking with dial gauge (graph 6) . Graph the osculatory stain that 6 tine encircle what radial beats and end panel beats to measure mutual clench the teeth examines with Tu Se law, graph the 7 different situations that contact stain for gear clench the teeth: Graph 7a is assembled for positive drive correct the osculatory circumstance when; Graph 7b is positive drive deputy the circumstance that the center after assembling is apart from the gear center when be more than treatment, because the center of on gear case body two aperture has been been apart from,this is big, or because teeth of a cogwheel is cut so that cross thin be caused by,be, can change gear a pair at this moment, or cover the bearing of casing extrude, change new bearing to cover bore hole afresh; The osculatory case that graph 7c place shows, because assemble a center to be apart from,be be less than gear deputy machining center is apart from place to cause, namely teeth of a cogwheel is cut so that heavy panel or casing aperture center had been apart from small, improvement methodological ibid is narrated; Palpability of graph 7d watch because the condition of tine surface contact that rough travel place causes the teeth directional error of gear or string of casing aperture center. The parallelism that must increase line of casing aperture center right now or gear deputy tooth flank precision. Graph standards of 7 the quality that use besmear examine the measurement technique of clearance of side of a tooth-like part of anything of case of clench the teeth can use rule of a place of strategic importance, use galvanized wire to big modulus gear, grow direction to place 3 ~ along tine between two tine namely 4 galvanized wire, when gear is rotational, lead wire by squash, the lead wire ply after measuring squash can know its backlash. CNC Milling CNC Machining