Drilling machine main shaft designs vibration of a kind of ultrasonic

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Summary: Drilling machine main shaft designs the axial ultrasonic vibration that put forward to be used at tiny Kong Jia to be versed in plan and main shaft are departmental cent structure dimension determines a method, introduced lever of transducer, luffing to design a principle. Apply axial ultrasonic vibration to get cut a technology to machine small hole (0.

5mm the following) , can prolong broach life, improve the precision of aperture and quality of hole wall surface, decrease bradawl to cut exit burr, have admirable craft effect. The article introduced main shaft of drilling machine of vibration of a kind of ultrasonic to devise a method, use this to devise plan, need not change structure of motive bed other, replace drilling machine with ultrasonic vibration main shaft only original main shaft, can finish pair of machine tools change one's costume or dress, the structure is compact, use convenient. 1.

Keyway 2.

Transmission shaft 3.

Match after piece 4, 6.

The pottery and porcelain that suppress report 5.

Electrode 7.

Match before piece 8.

Luffing lever 9.

Slip ring 10.

Stretch card is ungual 11.

The circle covers   of diagram of main shaft structure structure of 1 main shaft designs installation of lower end of main shaft of average drilling machine to get mix, should complete circumgyrate motion and axial feed exercise, drilling machine main shaft divides ultrasonic vibration should outside overfulfil motion, still need to have function of axial ultrasonic vibration. The vibration in ultrasonic vibration main shaft child can use the type that place core to press transducer of electric pottery and porcelain (the CDE in the graph paragraph) , its are electroacoustic changeover efficiency can be amounted to 90% the left and right sides, the structure is very compact. Before it is mixed by ceramics of a pair of contented that suppress report, electrode, hind match a composition, the ultrasonic transducer power that because be used at small small Kong Jia,is versed in is lesser, calorific quantity is opposite less, can not establish expert cooling system. Match before piece with luffing lever but make it an organic whole. Common get collet structure complex, quality is greater, destroy state of resonance of main shaft system easily, bring about broach amplitude to be reduced substantially. Design the stretch collet with simple structure in luffing lever extreme so, stretch collet contains 4 flexibility to block claw, use at holding clip bit. In luffing lever small end jacket has slip ring, with the electricity that needs at place of deferent transducer work. Match after piece with an organic whole of consummate of transmission shaft of a flight of stairs, transmission shaft small end leaves have keyway, slide with rotate of drilling machine leather belt cooperate, so that drive circumgyrate of main shaft system. In luffing lever small end and transmission shaft small end contains respectively an afferent ball bearing, use at bearing to install main shaft, bearing outer lane and drilling machine main shaft cover tube of transition fit, contain alveolar sleeve to be able to drive main shaft to undertake axial feed. What 2 transducer and the voltage that luffing lever designs a principle to change ultrasonic frequency add in the pottery and porcelain that suppress report is polar go up, its ply will follow the change of voltage and change, produced fore-and-aft ultrasonic vibration then, two direction after this fore-and-aft and oscillatory wave will be forward travel. When the medium of transmission wave is changed, the reflection of wave and reflex happen in interfacial admiral, the rate that reflexes a quantity depends on the density of two kinds of medium is compared. Density comparing is bigger, reflection capacity is more. Compare as a result of steel and airy density very big, can think to transmit main shaft the wave of two end is reflexed to come back entirely. Reflection wave because half loss is later than incident wave half cycle, it and the wave photograph overlay that give out directly from the pottery and porcelain that suppress report, in some sectional on amplitude increases, in some sectional on amplitude is reduced, certain and sectional on amplitude criterion constant is 0, form standing wave to conduct. The system that is like the composition such as lever of transducer, luffing is wavelengh of sound wave 1/2 fitly is times more integral, criterion this system is in syntonic condition, syntonic condition can state the L in be L=nl/2   type is systematic overall length to spend, l is oscillatory wavelengh (concern) with material property, n is integral. If take no account of the structural damp of medium and radiate of exterior sound wave, the amplitude when in waiting for sectional and stretch medium, sound wave travels and frequency are changeless. And become sectional the case that lever leaves in syntonic condition is different, when oscillatory wave by sectional when older one end is delivered to sectional and lesser one aspect of the matter, amplitude will increase somewhat, become sectional so lever is in syntonic or adjacent have luffing function at syntonic condition. To lever of luffing of a flight of stairs, output carries amplitude A2 and input to carry the D1 in type of   of A2/A1=(D1/D2)2 of the following relation existing between amplitude A1 to carry a diameter for the input, d2 carries a diameter for output. Difference of two upright diameters jumps over lever of this specification luffing big, the amplitude that output end gets is bigger. To do not destroy the syntonic state of main shaft system, the bearing that should use fixed main shaft finds a place for in wave section (namely of Yu Ling of amplitude identically equal be stationed in a dot) place, and broach installation is in antinode (bits amplitude is the biggest) place, so that make,broach obtains bigger amplitude. The affirmatory main shaft of dimension of structure of 3 main shaft is transverse dimension, basically suffer drilling machine main shaft to cover the limitation of size of the hole inside the canister, to obtain greater oscillatory power and oscillatory amplitude, answer to use space of the aperture inside sleeve as far as possible, choose the ceramics of the contented that suppress report with bigger diameter. Before transducer, hind match piece diameter but as identical as diameter of ceramics of the contented that suppress report, go to the lavatory for join electrical wiring, electrode diameter can compare diameter of ceramics of the contented that suppress report big 8 ~ 10mm. The amplitude that place of the broach when main shaft system is in syntonic condition gets is the biggest, at this moment what main shaft total length should be half wavelengh is times more integral, the length Yi Yinggen of departmental cent occupies main shaft respective wavelengh will decide. Transmission shaft (the AC in the graph paragraph) with luffing lever (EG paragraph) all be with same kind of flexible rod that material makes, its wavelengh can press type is calculated the C1 in L=C1/f   type is longitudinal wave velocity of wave, concern with material property, for one constant. F is the frequency of the electric current of ultrasonic frequency change that ultrasonic generator gives out, can work in generator make choice of of the proper motion inside limits, general and optional F=20kHz. Have enough axial feed range to assure main shaft, transmission shaft small end (AB paragraph) length is desirable for 3l/4, main aspects (BC paragraph) length is desirable for L/4. Luffing lever length should satisfy lever of 1/2 wavelengh luffing to design a principle surely really, main aspects (the EF in the graph paragraph) He Xiaoduan (FG paragraph) length all takes L/4. There is rolled steel in transducer such stretch material, also the pottery and porcelain that suppress report waits inelastic material, transducer (the CE in the graph paragraph) of each part length affirmatory more complex, can divide a measure to undertake. (1) covers space of the aperture inside the canister and manufacturer of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report according to main shaft the size that catalogue item make choice of of the home approachs electric contented ceramics (include its ply L0) ; (2) decides electrode ply L3, electrode uses the aluminium with electric better performance commonly piece or sheet copper, to satisfy the need of join lead, its ply is desirable 3 ~ 5mm; (Before 3) is affirmatory, hind match piece length L2 and L1, go to the lavatory for the design, before, hind match a length desirable and same value, namely L1=l2, a length L1 matchs to be able to press type calculates after in   type: Z0=r0C0S0, z1=r1C1S1, z3=r3C3S3, m3=Z3/Z0, q0=w1l0/C0, q1=w1l1/C1, q3=w1l3/C3, l0 of W=ctgq0-(k33)2/q0     is ply of ceramics of the contented that suppress report; A length matchs after L1 is; A length matchs before L2 is; L3 is electrode ply; C0 is velocity of wave of longitudinal wave of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report; C1 is match a longitudinal wave velocity of wave; C3 is velocity of wave of electrode longitudinal wave; R0 is density of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report; R1 is match a density; R3 is electrode density; K33 is coefficient of coupling of Electromechanical of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report; W1 is syntonic round frequency; S0, S1, S3 is ceramics of the contented that suppress report respectively, hind match a cut area with electrode; Q0, Q1, Q3, Z0, Z1, Z3, M3, W all is intermediate parameter. In apply on when a length L1 matching after type is calculated, need the particular numerical value that decides each physics parameter truly first. The F of frequency of ultrasonic generator job that W1 of syntonic round frequency is make choice of and the product of 2 π ; K33 of coefficient of coupling of R0 of L0 of ply of ceramics of the contented that suppress report, density, Electromechanical specific data can get in the product specification from manufacturer home; Before, hind match piece can use steel of structure of element of high grade carbon or titanium alloy steel with luffing lever, transmission shaft, c3 of velocity of wave of the density R3 of C1 of velocity of wave of its density R1, longitudinal wave and electrode, longitudinal wave all can be searched from concerned handbook of materials. Use above to devise plan, undertook changing one's costume or dress to Z403 table drilling machine, achieved satisfactory result, the ultrasonic vibration amplitude on broach amounts to 2µm above. CNC Milling CNC Machining