Is operation of UG cutter track slow how to solve?

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In the profession of process designing a lot of friends tell UG to considering cutter track very slow and resemble: The operation rate of the software such as CIM is rapid etc. Also had sufferred this kind of bewilderment before. The summary in working gradually goes out to cover the method that quickens operation hour one by one. The set of cutter track parameter does not have what to be able to say, this relies on everybody the caboodle collect in working at ordinary times. Stress a few little skill to everybody, the hour of the operation of cutter track can be quickened apparently. In operation old standard or curved surface compare the action when mixed and disorderly mould more apparent. 1, can not choose to machine a component (face) do not pick a part absolutely (face) ; When must choosing a side, if can be solved through making a body of assist a ruler in governing a country or line, I think multi-purpose 10 seconds will make system of assist a ruler in governing a country still is very economical. Seline; Max-width: 100%; Margin:   of   of 20px 0px;" Alt="" /> 2, when calculating mixed and disorderly curved surface and old standard cutter track, first check knife course is shown. (this function can reduce on the oldest rate CPU and the bear that show card to because show place of cutter track orbit to suffer,be in when operation cutter track)     Seline; Max-width: 100%; Margin:   of   of 20px 0px;" Alt="" /> 3, if used before two kinds of method,still feel slow, can good set of cutter track parameter hind. Enable UG parallel to make use. This time can be done do other work, over- one is seeing this cutter track, examine the following cutter track can. The teacher that wants to learn UG process designing to seek the education that nod a coronal gets study data. Seline; Max-width: 100%; Margin: Origin of 20px 0px;" Alt="" /> : Netease CNC Milling CNC Machining