Shuang Bo grows double arteries and veins processing technique

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Be in metal, plastic perhaps having other treatment with the stiletto on pottery and porcelain is the heat that industry pays close attention to extensively all the time. Double pulse laser beam machining (call again exceed pulse) the technology rose to machine speed and treatment quality greatly, use wavelengh to be the accept second laser of 532 Nm, technical personnel can machine neat alveolus, alveolus diameter is very small (amount to 5m) , aspect ratio 30:1. Double pulse laser beam machining used laser pulse to be opposite, so that,is fixed delay time between two pulse by advocate the ablation product that pulse fashions can draw the energy from pulse (see a picture 1) . What such getting is a course amendatory laser ablation machines a process, this process is taller than direct laser ablation efficiency, and the possibility that can reduce alveolus to jam. Pulse is right do not hit to workpiece directly from pulse, however by advocate the ablation child of pulse is absorbed. Pursue 1, laser of double wavelengh, double pulse gave out in the graph run way. There is delay time between pulse is very crucial, because double pulse machines means,pulse of requirement principal and subordinate has different wavelengh. In addition, the design from pulse must be aimed at the character of ablation child, because this decided,receive efficiency from the suction of pulse. This design still can rise with another technology union, in machining a process better eliminate ablation child. Namely advocate pulse use shortwave is long, and from pulse use long wave grows to undertake material is machined. Can machine well so grow sensitive data to shortwave only normally, and the power input that treatment requires is reduced greatly, treatment speed gets rising, treatment quality is better also. Graph 2, use Shuang Bo to grow double pulse laser to be in ply 0.

The stainless steel of 5mm board go up stiletto. Solid line expresses to use double pulse, or the energy that an among them pulse penetrates stuff place needs. Dotted line states average material purify is led. What need points out is, as a result of 355nm advocate the power limitation of pulse laser is in 3W (300mJ/ pulse) , a pulse is right advocate pulse and the general power that go up by material from the rate between pulse will decide. When the stiletto on stainless steel, of 355 Nm advocate of pulse and 532nm from pulse power identical, it is 6W in all. Double pulse technology serves as a test, we combined two Nd:YMix 2 times of AG laser 3 times harmonic, to them time giving light undertakes synchro control makes photoperiod goes out in every in, pulse of 355 Nm laser is hit to workpiece first, after 80 Ns, 532 Nm laser arrives at workpiece again. Because every second of this laser gives 10 thousand pulse, so every second hits the pulse of double pulse combination of 355/532 Nm to workpiece 10 thousand times. On workpiece, laser is into the diameter by focusing of 5 inches of smooth convex the facula of 40 M. The time that puncture stuff place needs can be detected by photoelectricity diode the laser pulse after alveolus gets. Pass time to be worth, can calculate the average rate of material purify, and stiletto and the energy that penetrable target material requires. If stuff does not show laser, can use photoelectricity diode to explore laser at the back of material so whether penetrable material. Additional, if material is pervious to light, photoelectricity diode is not very reliable. Below this kind of circumstance, must adjust the duration of laser stiletto appropriately, until microcosmic examine as it happens of indication data the reverse side is hit wear till. Because the can raise material purify to lead greatly about using double pulse technology report before this is medium, they used the laser pulse of 532 Nm only. Technology of double wavelengh, double pulse is first most it is in ply 0.

The 304 stainless steel of 5 Mm undertake checking stiletto on material. What use here is arteries and veins wide the laser pulse that is 4 Ns, for material of purify of odd to using pulse, the efficiency of laser of use 355 Nm is taller than using 532 Nm laser to come (see a picture 2) . However, used technology of double wavelengh, double pulse to raise stiletto rate greatly, reduced the total energy that requires in place of the stiletto on stainless steel. This proves again, double pulse technology combines different wavelengh, can need in treatment speed and place distinct advantage is had on power. Nextpage pursues 3, Shuang Bo is long - double pulse is in the polyethylene of 1mm is plastic on stiletto. Solid line expresses to use double pulse, or the energy that an among them pulse penetrates stuff place needs. Dotted line states average material purify is led. Here, 355nm advocate the energy of pulse maintains for 3W (300mJ/ pulse) , the total energy of double pulse is changed as the energy of 532nm laser pulse. Accordingly, when using double pulse to undertake machining, if total energy is reduced, integral effect is close to the convention that uses 355nm only to machine means more. We give out further here one machines plastic example with technology of double wavelengh, double pulse. Compare with photograph of 532 Nm laser, this material is more opaque to 355 Nm laser, namely transmitance is a few lower. We chose 1 Mm thick polyethylene is plastic. This material is more opaque than 532 Nm laser to 355 Nm laser (see a picture 3) . Apparent, use technology of double wavelengh, double pulse to make the power that needs when polyethylene stiletto lower, treatment rate is higher. And here, compare with the laser energy photograph of 532 Nm, we have 3 times frequency with the laser of very fraction. In addition, we still used 532nm laser to get bigger heat affects area comparing pulse of laser of individual 532 Nm in double pulse technology (see a picture 3 with the graph 4) . Other laser combination is in double pulse technology, we still used 532 Nm laser to make give priority to pulse, 1064 Nm laser serves as from pulse, the stainless steel in 1 Mm board go up the alveolus that hits a diameter to be 50m. The result of earning is rise when general power 60% when, treatment speed is added to 3 times original. In this test, 532 Nm laser and 1064 Nm laser gather together to go up to material through different focusing system, after adopting respective focusing system, two bundles of light are undertaken closing by double lubricious lens bundle. Making Small Holes And Other Structures In Metals, plastics, and Ceramics Is A Topic Of Wide-ranging Interest.

Double-pulse Laser Machining (also Known As SuperPulse) Is A Method That Significantly Improves Speed And Quality And Has Enabled The Production Of Straight, clean Holes As Small As 5m In Diameter And With An Aspect Ratio Of 30:1Using Nanosecond Lasers And 532-nm Laser Light.

Graph 4, the double pulse of general power 8W (go up graph) with high power (10W) 532nm tradition odd pulse (next graphs) the entrance of the alveolus that treatment gets and exit. The laser pulse that this technology used different wavelengh at the same time will machine a diameter small, the alveolus with high aspect ratio. This means the step with there is very important on the real operation of this technology, that is the Jiao Ban that two bundles of light in double pulse technology get must complete coincide. Our experience is, it is at least when Jiao Ban's coincide 90% when, ability gets optimized treatment result. Returning those who need to point out is, in each pairs of double pulse, advocate pulse and from the time between pulse difference and laser ablation and plasma dissipation time have very big concern, but, the shift of it and galvanometric scanning device and perforative device does not have too big connection. Still have other a few we had not checked laser to combine, but we feel to might as well try. For example, 266 or 213 Nm laser (make give priority to pulse) and 355 Nm laser (as from pulse) the likelihood is a few righter plastic treatment is useful, because of them even very few also to the absorption of 355 Nm laser. When using different wavelengh, double pulse technology gets very good treatment result, it makes the material purify rate when the stiletto on stainless steel rose good severalfold. And, the application of technology of double wavelengh, double pulse also has on plastic treatment speed rise significantly. And because was used,grow a long pulse, the vast hot influence area that it brings makes overall stiletto speed had rise further. Article author Bill Johnson, andrew Forsman and Steve Benda are in company of American General Atomics at present optical branch works. This firm network address is: Www.


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