FANUC servo batteries changes

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CNC tool Electromechanical enrages a system, main core is controller and motor, have at the back of motor of every FANUC servo lade positional coder, is general component two big phyletic: ? Juan gnaws a graph to boil  pregnant to stop  of party of  of Fu of  Xian ぞ to lie bail casts aside Suo of disclose of pregnant of magnesian  of A Chinese-style unlined garment of spade of Xue of  of Deng Ou of  of branny Chun of brilliant   to sincere  of Pi of box of north of sole  alarm embraces  of joke of  of sole of gizzard of Suo of Ρ of ┯ of red to bring up, increase a choice to use for the client, its advantage is alive bound each district can buy general batteries to use, let mechanical carry out take more advantage and human nature are changed. The lithium cell that FANUC whole set uses is not OK those who charge (the 1) that be like a graph, do not take charge to charger, former plant suggests, no matter battery of module use lithium or an alkaline batteries, to the servo of α series and β series, change 1 year 1 times batteries, α I series reachs the servo of β I series, change 2 years 1 times batteries, change when lithium battery, touch easily touch report of module high pressure, require special attention, if not was sure, hand in please by the service personnel installation changes. Graph batteries of box of batteries of battery of lithium of 1 international card exchanges a method (if pursue,Nextpage uses case of batteries of 2) graph 2 FANUC please the alkalescent battery that markets on market, 4 need same brand norms, do not jumbly and different brand, card of Jin Ding, strong volume, international is recommend a brand, cannot charge in order to use batteries, cheap batteries or old batteries, avoid to circulate fluid of pool of leakage of electricity, corrosion cell box or cause circuit short circuit, cause servo module trouble, cause bigger loss. 1.

Mechanical power source is in open condition, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph 3 machinery switch on the mobile phone condition 2.

Batteries box top is torn open after falling, according to negative pole symbol, change correctly new battery, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph 4 batteries are losing polarity 3.

After changing, outside locking up, be built and power source OFF, switch on the mobile phone afresh. 4.

If breakdown arises continuously, connect subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy with our company service department instantly please. Changing in batteries process, have cut off the power or have unusual appearance, do not move please axial continues to machine, join wind firm service department instantly, by the service personnel heads for the spot to understand the rework after eliminating, maintain regularly change batteries, it is to conduce to precautionary breakdown generation. CNC Milling CNC Machining