5 minutes, let you master the skill that learns process designing of CNC numerical control

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Above all, the likelihood has a lot of person to still do not know what calls CNC numerical control process designing. I am here simple popular science. Process designing of CNC numerical control, it is to show the support in the computer and corresponding computer software system falls, build the course of CNC Machining program automatically. It can be not generated automatically. The member that need process designing of our CNC numerical control however is opposite according to experience the content such as parameter of craft of the geometrical form that processes an object, treatment, cutting and auxiliary information undertakes an analysis, software of reuse process designing is worth computation of contrail of motion of center of computation, cutting tool, postposition to handle into linage automatically, generation gives sheet of spare parts machine program, and undertake imitate to machining a process. This process, we call numerical control process designing. Input the numerical control program that has written to the process that machines in machine tool of CNC numerical control, we call CNC Machining. Process designing of CNC numerical control member this position, can saying is a station that has technical content extremely. Huge weight is held in CNC Machining. This post is to contacting the final successful production of design and finished product. Can say the bond that is a connecting link between the preceding and the following. Since so main station, everybody is certain and very good strange its pay pay is how, still having is foreground how. Let me uncover secret to everybody today. According to not complete count, the process designing of CNC numerical control of our country member the number reachs 8 million person. But, process designing of CNC numerical control member it is annual lack a person, talent gap is huge. Foreground is very considerable. The word of pay, want to assign several grade: 1.

Meet what a few simple part patterns machine only, the word of pay pay, control in 6000-7000 probably. The person of jobs of a few the member that just do process designing is such pay. 2.

Can do a few a little intricate work, can oneself design clamping apparatus to finish production. And can bring tremendous benefit to the company. Such personnel, salary is controlled in 8000-10000 3.

Still have a kind, it is all-round model. Can fulfil manufacturing requirement already, there can be certain capacity on the management of personnel again. Such process designing member, often be seasoned, the technology is full-scale, have excellent settlement problem ability. Often be an enterprise love most. Pay is controlled in 15000-20000 probably. CNC process designing member this post, pay pay nots allow to oppugn then. So, a lot of person comes my groom the class will learn is this reason. A lot of person is the most rock-bottom job that is in a factory, want to learn numerical control process designing; Have a plenty of dilettante, of the member that want to do numerical control process designing; Have a plenty of oneself to want a factory to buy equipment, want oneself to learn numerical control process designing so, because a lot of problems teach oneself be very difficult discovery, self-study, the problem that encounter gets stuck very easily and cannot get solve. Learn, it is the experience of duplicate others. Believe everybody understands this reason. How can you just learn process designing of CNC numerical control so? The member that oneself do process designing in the factory has working experience of 8 years, do groom the experience that has 3 years. With me experience of these a few years is shared with everybody how to learn process designing of CNC numerical control. 1.

Use up oneself can, look for an experienced master worker to take his. This to a lot of person, the likelihood has difficulty. Because, not be everybody wants oneself old experience with respect to him church. It is so often this is nodded with respect to pose a lot of person. Next someone says, myself reads a book, see video be no good? See me please below share 2.

Must not count on see a book perhaps see a complete video can achieve the result that can work independently. If really such. So full ave is process designing of CNC numerical control member, which will return so can high salary. Groomed experience is made here, a few student say, he watched a few video, meeting a few simple draw. I take a graph to give him the picture, he immediately won't. This proves, the thing on the book is fur is gotten no longer fur, can become simple learn the rudiments of a subject only, and a lot of still follow to be not accorded with actually. The means on book often is a simple command wants to explain with paper of a few pages, so a lot of person looks no less than going to. So watch video how? Now is the time of the network, there is a lot of on the net the video about respect of process designing of CNC numerical control, also have a lot of person selling relevant video. I am very curious also, a few people sought on the net, bought video of a few so called complete set, after looking, can work independently. After I looked, I just discover, a lot of thing that say actually not quite actual. And lecture means also is not quite reasonable, language fast too fast, dialect is too heavy. Still have a few more unusual, some video are to finish sth cursorily, tell not in detail also, a video 500 much, I bought 5, next money was done not have. Besides, when watching video, the problem that encounters a few keys gets stuck, do not know to who ask at all, bei is urged. 3.

Want to start work more. This can say also is the most crucial a bit. Process designing of our CNC numerical control, can saying is the post that a be particular about starts work, not be to say to want you one day 24 hours to start work. However, in the process of study, oneself write good program, be about to be taken effective treatment comes out above the machine tool. Those who watch him pattern is reasonable, observe handling time still has the work that treatment comes out, can achieve the requirement that the factory works. Every had made up a program to go up machine one, did not go up machine sum up. Above when, summary rises even if: Want to a good master will lead a way, the video tutorial that should have had or the teacher will explain education in detail; Want to a machine tool will to him fact do an exercise. I believe, a few what should accomplish above place to say only. Need 3 months only, with respect to the requirement that can reach a plant. Real life often is not him those who want is so good. Where to look for a master to take his to learn? Above all my tell the world a bit, although I am to do groom. But I am not to help student here. Cast me to do groom this identity, I apprentice to go all the way in the factory. I become aware the study that gets the orgnaization has a system grooming is true be necessary. Want to learn UG process designing to get study data to be in group 496610960 can help you but, must be normal, have actual strength groom orgnaization. is not those places of those be there just to make up the number. Why to say very be necessary. Apprentice before from me arrive from the back become a master worker, arrive again become process designing engineer. The master that wants to look for to want to teach his process designing in the factory is very difficult really. Although beautiful cash is hard also. Why? Where is the factory? It is manufacturing place, want to driving delivery, drive order. Every process designing member oneself want busy thing, itself goes to work eventful affection, issueing a class is not to want what to teach apprentice namely more. Besides, even if somebody received fund, be willing to teach, that also may not has taught. Why? Follow what what say above me just about, it is to do not have time, 2 be, although have time, the thing that the master teachs can let you can be in only current that factory can be used. Went to other place not to know to be no good all right. This is the importance that systematization grooms. Although the master is likely him process designing is very fierce, but they do not know a lot of place how to be conveyed, how to teach a person. Groom professionally the orgnaization is different, their technology besides the member that have factory process designing, the member that still have factory process designing impracticable education skill, have systematization. CNC Milling CNC Machining