Bearing of ball guide screw contacts thrust ball bearing with sealed horn

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General, horn contacts the axial end of guide screw of ball of bearing of in order to of thrust ball bearing, installation is in bearing unit, the well contains oil seal. Should use at the machine tool before, tall precision and tigidity are become ensure the most important element of superior machine tool performance. Because this kind of bearing deserves to have in the two end of bearing sealed (graph 1) , can arrive in order to avoid cutting fluid and metallic bit into the person in bearing, the application that is machine tool respect offers additional value. Recently, machine tool forward smaller, more compact way develops, the bearing unit of requirement ball guide screw also wants more compact. For this, bearing of guide screw of NSK series ball contacts thrust ball bearing with sealed horn. One, characteristic   (one) the contact is sealed the high speed requirement that considers machine tool application, from a few kinds when use at present sealed in chose interface small low torque is sealed. Seal function to keep secret truly, used DDG labyrinthian and sealed (watch 1) , its are located in sealed lip and inner ring DDG is sealed between sealed chamfer good performance is had in engine accessory and relevant car assembly bearing. the two end that contact the sealed bearing that embed a person, can prevent exotic to enter person bearing interior. Another advantage are to prevent grease leak, conduce to the working environment that maintains a clean safety. Install with right way to ensure, sealed contain color to label, this proof is the significant step that avoids field assembly mistake. (2) WPH fat is planted to this bearing, because of many reasons, NSK used WPH grease. WPH fat is a kind of efficient grease in bearing of car water pump, the function of bearing of car water pump asks outclass machine tool applies. WPH fat forms by following composition: PAO base oil (advantageous oxidation stability) . Niao radical compound (as stiff change an agent, offer fight water and heat-resisting function primely) reach ensure high-powered other additive. The other feature of WPH fat includes: 1. Keep firm in harsh environment degree, with preventing fat outside of excessive and refrigerant invade a person, get good lubricant performance, prevent bearing to flake; 2. Of the fat below the condition that high temperature endurance can prevent fast temperature rise degrade to get stuck dead with bearing; 3. Although be in,water or refrigerant also have good antirust performance below the circumstance into person bearing. (3) with TAC but bearing of guide screw of new-style ball of crossing-over   NSK contacts thrust ball bearing and current TAC series bearing to have identical over all dimension with sealed horn (internal diameter, external diameter and width) with rated load. The client can replace the bearing that uses at present very easily with this kind of bearing, do not need countershaft and why does Kong Zunren alter. Because this kind of bearing uses all-purpose combination that is a standard, and the public errand of diameter of inside and outside is more severe, the client can be made with this kind of bearing any combination. 2, of the starting moment of force that function ball guide screw contacts thrust ball bearing with sealed horn, temperature rise and waterproof properties see a picture quite 2, 3, 4. The sketch map of test facilities and photograph see a picture 5, 6. Evaluate a result to show: The ball guide screw of NSK new development contacts the oil seal unit with the function current excel of ball bearing with sealed horn. 3, the bearing of guide screw of machine tool ball that applies sealed horn to contact thrust ball bearing to work to be below harsh environment provides first-rate performance, below such environment, expose be in cutting oil and metallic bits is one potential menace to groovy bearing. 4, ball bearing of thrust of sealed horn contact has guide screw of ball of summary   NSK standard measure and compact dimension, can crossing-over, good bearing performance can satisfy the requirement of client and terminal user. CNC Milling CNC Machining