Of machining center of numerical control machine tool debug

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The purpose that numerical control machine tool debugs is assessment machine tool installation is firm, each drive, operate, whether is the system such as control mixed normally acute and reliable. Debug try moving job to undertake according to the following measure: The demand that presses a manual gives lubricant dot is cheered, enter the hydraulic pressure oil accord with the requirement to fill of hydraulic pressure gasoline tank, receive a gas source. Electrify, each component parts power supply or each component after electrify experiments, again overall power supply. Observe each component has without call the police, it is normal that the hand moves each component to observe, each security apparatus is effective. Although each link of the machine tool can be operated,rise with motion. Form a vesicle, the machine tool is preliminary after movement, the geometrical precision of coarse adjustment machine tool, adjust a course to tear open the relative position of the main movement component of outfit and lead plane. Seek library of manipulator, knife, pallet changer, seat to waiting. After these jobs had been done, can use the foundation bolt of dead lead plane of quick-hardening cement fill and each accessory, make the same score fill of aperture of obligate of each foundation bolt. Debug, prepare all sorts of detecting tool, if square chi of accurate gradienter, standard, parallel just is in charge of,wait. Essence of life moves the standard of the machine tool, make the geometrical precision of the machine tool reachs the range that permits an error inside, use many bits of mat to prop up, move lathe bed into the level below free condition, assure the stability after lathe bed is adjusted. Move control type to adjust manipulator with the hand relative to the position at main shaft, use adjust heart club. When installing knife handle of the greatest weight, want to have the knife library automatic trade to main shaft position for many times, accomplish accurate without by accident, do not bump. Move workbench to exchange the position, adjust the relative position of tray station and pallet changer, achieve workbench to exchange a movement automatically smooth, install workbench the biggest load, undertake for many times commutative. Whether do system of examination numerical control and the set parameter that can invent device of Cheng controller PLC accord with the formulary data in random data, the executive circumstance that experiments to basically handle function, safety precaution, commonly used instruction each next. Inspect the working condition of accessory, all sorts of the illume that is like a machine tool, cooling shield, fender. Installation of a machining center is debugged after ending, because its function is various, after installation, can pass below certain load long move automatically, the more comprehensive function that checks a machine tool is all ready with stability. The time that run can move 8 hours continuously everyday 2 arrive 3 days or every 24 hours move continuously 1 to 2 days. Move continuously can apply check engine order. CNC Milling CNC Machining