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The design makes the aperture inside casing machine compound cutting tool

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Normal > casing (WS120 worm reducer) inside in aperture treatment, because the aperture of this aperture and precision demand are higher, does the process instrumentation that uses normally have: of two kinds of methods?  of bluff of ㄒ of any of several hot spice plants throws Mi Hui confused to vase Zhui? rough machining) hind, surplus of put apart finish machining, again by technical level direct boring gives taller worker master worker inside Kong Da asks to precision: Method 2, the working procedure that finish: Thick bore with a reamer of → of bore → reaming (stay 0.

1 ~ 0.

2mm bore with a reamer cuts surplus) → essence bore with a reamer, will assure the quality of aperture. Normal > each different. Method one in, its unit process of cargo bandling is simple, the aperture linearity that treatment gives is better, cutting tool is used up low, but to boring hole the worker technical ability of working procedure asks taller, and easier generation waste (the odds of dimension out of tolerance is bigger) , work efficiency is low also. And the aperture that with the method 2 treatment come out depends on the precision of reamer, dimension is relatively stable, asking to the skill level of jockey person also is not very tall relatively, but the exterior surface roughness that machines the aperture that come out low, linearity is poorer, of reamer use up very big also, efficiency is very low (the time that change a knife is much and increased auxiliary time) , only appropriate sheet production, do not suit batch to produce. Because this machines methodological advantage two kinds integratedly, best choice is the treatment precision that assures a spare parts already, requirement of worker technical ability also does not need very tall, and can reduce manufacturing cost again, improve efficiency. Then, through effort, through searching a data, draw lessons from craft, design to give one paragraph general bore, bore hole, the special and compound cutting tool that Kong Rong of bore with a reamer is an organic whole. Normal TEXT-INDENT that 0"> cutting tool designs: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

0"> aperture machines compound cutting tool is will two or congener or two above are different kind Kong Jia is versed in cutting tool combines an organic whole special cutting tool, it can be finished in machining a process auger, Kong He of aperture of reaming, bore with a reamer, Huo bores hole wait for a variety of working procedure, this kind of cutting tool has the following characteristic: The installs frequency or clamping apparatus seating arrangement that can reduce workpiece is counted. With decrease and reducing fixed position error; But at the same time or machine a few surfaces orderly, reduce motor-driven and auxiliary time, improve productivity; Can assure to process the mutual position fine between the surface, treatment quality is high; Reduce the complexity demand to the machine tool, reduce bed stage number, managing charge, reduce production cost. Normal > compound aperture should have high reliability and tall life already, want to satisfy manufacturing metre requirement again. Accordingly, apply new technology, new material to undertake innovating to vintage compound cutting tool, the logical choice of cutting tool material is used up to the life of cutting tool, cutting tool, a decisive action such as precision of finished cost, treatment and labour quality. Provide the combination that carries out different material to compound treatment: Combination of hard alloy of high-powered high-speed steel, general high-speed steel and titanium base the combination of razor blade of pottery and porcelain of horniness gold combination, high-powered high-speed steel and group of CBN razor blade, hard alloy and combination of PCD razor blade, hard alloy, can make compound treatment cutting tool is falling with rotate speed condition, aperture of implementation bore, reaming, bore with a reamer, Huo aperture, bore hole wait for different technology the requirement to dependability. Be aimed at different treatment material and treatment craft, choose right cutting tool stuff, can raise workpiece surface quality and treatment precision already, can raise cutting to machine productivity again. Normal > cutter hub designs Normal > compound treatment will be congener mix two not congener kinds or combination of a variety of different cutting tool are an organic whole, realize treatment to shape. To compound treatment cutting tool character, ask to discharge bits function goodly already below different cutting position, want to assure to machine workpiece precision again, cutting tool should have first-rate space sectional appearance combination. If press convention to go,hand picture, hand calculates, trivaller and amount of labor is big, some parameter still need trial production to decide. And use technology of subdesign of C A D 2 times to develop, build three-dimensional model, undertake imitate is machined, at any time draw-out cutting tool is sectional parameter, in order to win optimal design program, can solve compound treatment cutting tool to be below the aperture of bore, reaming, Huo, different cutting position that bore hole thereby, cutting tool discharges the interference problem between bits and different type construction. Normal > cuts the characteristic with tall efficiency according to the Kong Zuan inside broach treatment, knife head part uses razor blade of an E225 alloy to enchase (cupreous solder) make broach part in arbor one aspect of the matter, the rough machining that finish (bore) working procedure. But the aperture surface surface roughness that treatment gives and bore diameter linearity are poorer, dimension precision is not tall. the boring cutter share that has measure of correction aperture linearity, stable aperture, put after alloy broach, will get cut the opening that give to undertake boring is machined (because boring surplus is larger, cent short-hilted broadsword) of 3 class boring. The bore diameter linearity that uses the advantage that bore hole to make sure treatment goes out and stable aperture dimension, working procedure of the semifinishing machining that finish (include) of thick boring, half essence boring, ready-made of working procedure of the opening that it is bore with a reamer works (improve the appearance surface roughness and make bore with a reamer cuts surplus even and reasonable) . The reamer part of aperture of bore with a reamer is put in body of compound cutting tool of cutting part will complete precision work finally, the precision that assures aperture (the form of aperture precision and exterior surface roughness) , mix of cutting tool style holds a part to make Mohs 3 awl handle. Cutting is participated in when differring to discharge bits and cutting tool easily (reduce cutting force) , the initial drop of the cutting part of each cutting tool is more than in axial interval or be equal to 25mm(to be more than hole depth) , get among them with the first class because the scrap of bore is much,25mm(is more than between boring) , also increased look bits space at the same time, make a bits smooth, avoid what around knife face cuts to cut bits mutual interference and block, cause blade of cutting tool collapse and the quality that affect aperture. Normal TEXT-INDENT that Kong Qie of 0"> getting, boring, bore with a reamer cuts material of partial alloy razor blade: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

0"> basis processes data (grey mouth is cast-iron) characteristic of property, production (batch) , cutting characteristic will choose right cutting tool stuff (auger, the) when the machine tool rotate speed that boring, bore with a reamer cuts, feed is identical. Normal > getting is cut (knife head) because cutting tool part is rough machining, cutting deepness is bigger, power of cutting of cutting tool susceptive is greater, cutting rate is not very high (the characteristic) that takes care of part of aperture of bore with a reamer. The organization of material is inhomogenous at the same time (the possibility that has acupuncture point of sand holes, gas) , machine in cutting plus the point of alloy razor blade owe in cast-iron journey sharp, crowded blow a phenomenon more serious, choose intensity so taller, impact resistance and aseismatic function and wearability all better tungsten is cobaltic kind of hard alloy (material brand is YG8) . Normal > bores hole cutting tool part compares bore size as a result of bore diameter slightly big, according to V= (π Dn)/1000, speed of blade point cutting is met part of cutting tool of prep above bore, cutting deepness is lesserer than the cutting deepness of bore, cutting process is relatively some stabler. To raise the durability of cutting tool, choose hardness, wearability and hear resistance all better, and need not grind cutting angle again but dislocation tungsten is cobaltic razor blade of kind of clip of hard alloy machine (material brand is YG6, model is 31005V) . Normal > bore with a reamer is stable dimension part, the cutting speed that edge manages is gotten relatively cut and when boring all taller, cutting deepness (surplus of aperture of bore with a reamer) lesser, so requirement wearability and hear resistance also should be gotten relatively cut and when boring taller, ability raises the durability of cutting tool, assure dimension precision thereby, choice tungsten is consequently cobaltic kind of hard alloy (material brand is YG3) . Normal TEXT-INDENT of set of parameter of cutting part of 0"> cutting tool: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

Wide parameter of the cutting angle of cutting part of 0"> cutting tool and blade is right the service life of cutting tool (durability) the precision of the difficult easy degree with treatment and treatment all is having crucial effect, also affect efficiency of finished cost, treatment directly, so cutting tool the cutting parameter of every part should logical choice. Auger cut partial: ? Plating  Xi holds the post of? .

5mm, assure the intensity getting a heart of broach, sharp angle takes 116 ° smaller than sharp angle of standard twist drill, the purpose is to reduce tool cutting edge angle, reduce axial to resist force and vibration thereby. Blade bevel makes an appointment with 15 ° inside, the horn before blade is taken inside - 15 ° , horizontal blade length stays 2.

5mm will increase the stability of bore, raise the wearability of cutting tool at the same time, horny γ takes 6 ° before, horny α takes 18 ° after, the purpose is to accommodate the space that cuts bits bigger, die in case blade. Also be to increase likewise accommodate the space that cuts bits, reduce the attrition of broach and hole wall, and the intensity that should assure deputy cutting blade again at the same time, take so deputy hind horn is bandwidth of 8 ° and deputy cutting blade for 0.

25 ~ 0.

3mm. : of part of boring cutting tool? Narrow one's eyes of take along sth to sb is bald the YG6 that longs for?1005V does not worry bit again. Does bore with a reamer cut: of cutting tool part?  writes down axial of ° of?5 of live abroad of white superintend and director to grow 3mm, facilitate cut already had opening. It is the stability that increases bore with a reamer to cut additionally, cutting cone angle (the tool cutting edge angle of 2 times) take 3 ° ~ 5 ° , axial grows 3mm. To raise the durability of cutting tool and exterior surface roughness and dimension precision, guide part and cutting part to use R1 to transfer, cutting part and calibration part use R0.

5 transfer; Because bore with a reamer cuts surplus very small, cut bits very thin, cut bits and before knife surface contact is very short, before horny effect is not big, go to the lavatory to make, horn takes 0 ° before; The horn after guiding what reach calibration share with cutting part partly all takes 8 ° , guide part and cutting part not to leave first flank, calibration (Xiu Guang) the part stays 0.

The first flank of 3mm is wide, in order to make sure Xiu Guangren's intensity reduces the attrition of first flank and hole wall again, facilitating reamer is made and also examine at the same time, blade dip is taken - 8 ° (be equivalent to) of reamer of left Xiang Luo coming back. To make reamer job smooth, improve treatment surface quality, bits is cut when cutting successful from reamer ahead eduction (be down) , can avoid to cut bits cut hole wall, reduce the enlarge tensor of aperture. Normal TEXT-INDENT of 0"> cutting tool: 21pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

The quality that this precision of compound cutting tool affects 0"> to machine aperture directly (form precision and) of exterior surface roughness, want to develop this efficiency of compound cutting tool adequately, with respect to the precision that must want to assure cutting tool itself. Consequently, must reach the choice of cutter hub material to the treatment technology with practical protocol of cutting tool itself. Want to acquire good integrated and mechanical property according to cutter hub, ensure cutter hub dimension is stable, does substantially machine craft to be: ? Crisp travel of broadleaf plant of チ of play chess of rancorring  of  of corrode of children's hair of instrument of  of short Qian of  of breed archives short Sui looks サ of  of  of Che Dong of  of short Sui of   archives is short quicklying Dong? to make knife handle and machine tool main shaft cooperate better, more accurate, had better deserve to obliterate awl power, the area that the method of check proved recipe that uses daub red lead assures to the osculatory area of awl handle and taper hole is not less than 80% above) → mill sets the groove of hard alloy razor blade the → of hard alloy razor blade that → handiwork riveting decides part of reamer of solder of copper of → of alloy razor blade is repaired grind. CNC Milling CNC Machining