Gelisenla ages engine numerical control changes a design

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The article basically will discuss Gelisen the mechanical drive plan that numerical control of the 609 engine that pull tooth changes a design and hardware control program, about the train of thought that software designs. The machine that pull tooth is a kind of nicety, efficient finish machining medium-sized reach large blame rolling cut the machine tool of accurate hyperboloid gear and arc tine bevel gear, place treatment gear basically is used at lorry, tractor and other project machine. Gelisen pulls tine machine 609 numbers of company production to be the traditional machinery machine that pull tooth, when it machines the gear that different tine counts, need to change to be hanged differently annulus, because this is changing often,adjust when treatment breed very no-go. Produce as the car by big batch little breed to in the development of small lot much breed, what need current treatment facilities not only is flexible change, to resembling helping tine aircraft such special treatment machine tool also put forward flexible change, the requirement that numerical control changes. The article basically will discuss Gelisen the mechanical drive plan that numerical control of the 609 engine that pull tooth changes a design and hardware control program, about the train of thought that software designs. Gear essence cuts figuration law arc to age awl ages essence of life cuts treatment method to be in bridge of east wind car limited company, the 609 machine that pull tooth are used at the essence of gear of passivity of rear of east wind lorry to cut. Its machine a method to use figuration method (Formate) , use namely without way of rolling cut movement, bit body of the loop that use sheet is fast and definitely finish machining is thick the gear after cutting. Bit body is even the ground every turn the treatment that a week completes a roller seating space. Graduation is in bit body undertakes in the biggest empty shelves. Alleged figuration law, use namely with by treatment gear the cutting tool tooth form with alveolar and sectional consistent photograph, tooth flank is machined on tine base. As a result of the cutting tool that figuration law place uses, the tooth profile photograph of the appearance of its cutting blade and gear is approximate. When treatment, cutting tool and workpiece move without opposite rolling cut, cutting tool makes cutting motion only. Compare I > to transmission 2.

The arc tine bevel gear of 5, with figuration law treatment, its productivity can raise 4 ~ 5 times. The 609 machine that pull tooth use the bit body that figuration law machines to cut bit body for double-faced essence, its are double-faced if sketch map of tine of broach of essence of life pursues 1 is shown. Graph double-faced essence cuts sketch map of tine of broach of 1 double-faced essence the circumferential direction of bit body can divide for two area: Cutting machines area and workpiece graduation area. In the installation inside cutting treatment area tine of the cutting tool outside having 5 reachs 5 inside cutting tool tine, and inside, outside cutting tool ages alternate with is arranged, horn of the centre of a circle between two tooth is photograph adjacent 30 ° . When the machine tool works normally, hour hand of Pan Ni of broach of essence of life rotates, be maintained by treatment gear do not move, from tooth 1 to tooth 10 ordinal enter the state that pull tooth, complete the treatment of a roller seating space thereby; In tooth 10 cut tooth 1 during entering angrily state again, be finished by treatment gear graduation, rotational a pitch, so that the treatment of next roller seating space. Circulate so, until cut all tooth till. 16 inches of essence pull bit body to be 12 divide into equal parts, 10 tine, additional 2 divide into equal parts do not have knife chamfer, use as the space that divide tine. Crisscross of tooth of inside and outside distributings, two knives chamfer is standard knife chamfer finally, the others tooth is forming a diameter to go up to take litre of amount respectively. Can at the same time broaching gives two side big rounds. The speed that bit body rotates continuously is commonly 12 turn / cent. Via computation cent ages time is: 0.

833s (the standard is empty 2 tooth) . Figuration law machines circular cutting to machine a loop to include following actions: ● is located in when workpiece box when position of water paper-cover discharge, if the graph is shown 2 times, will thick the gear installation after cutting is on workpiece main shaft. Because workpiece main shaft is far from bit body, those who have gear wheel assemble and unassemble safe all the more also. Graph 2 609 pulls box of tine engine work to assemble and unassemble ● uses work place sketch map to control gear wheel to tine compasses relative to the position at bit body, next work check is close. Box of workpiece of Nextpage ● rises to come cutting position, if the graph is shown 3 times, the machine tool has one beam to use the position between fixed bit body and workpiece. This beam by hydraulic pressure clamp. Keep clamp pressure from beginning to end in whole cutting process. Graph 3 609 pulls box of tine engine work to machine positional sketch map after ● beam clamp, bit body rotates start, cut the roller seating space that is located in place of tine base lowest downward, cutting force is perpendicular be down and point to direction of machine tool base, type of this one party makes full use of the weight of the machine tool and obtained the biggest tigidity. To raise tooth flank bright and clean spend and pitch precision, in main shaft of the workpiece when cutting by locking of another hydraulic press compose. When graduation of workpiece main shaft locking loosens automatically. ● turns to its when bit body when empty shelves position, workpiece main shaft undertakes fast graduation. Bit body turns circuit, complete the treatment of a tine. When all tine treatment ends, crossbeam clamp is loose, workpiece box falls. What must notice is: Bit is when roller seating space, do not allow workpiece box to fall absolutely, can damage otherwise cutting tool. The case of workpiece of graduation of technical characteristic ● that box of workpiece of graduation of the 609 machine that pull tooth has Gelisen has fall and rise, or call workpiece to assemble and unassemble machine with workpiece. ● is had rotate the characteristic of feed of workbench random angle, but it does not need to undertake interpolation with geometrical axis. ● has the characteristic of locking of graduation workbench fixed position, but graduated angle is unlimited. ● is graduated start spend a decision by the corner coming back of bit body, graduation movement must be finished in bit body empty shelves, because this is right,graduation hour and graduation time have firm demand. Plan of drive of graduation of the 609 machine that pull tooth sees the graduation drive plan that adopts harmonic reducer graph 4. Servo electric machinery is 2.

The 1ft6 servo electric machinery of 3nm, 6000r/min of rated rotate speed. This electric machinery is 80 ∶ through reducing speed ratio the harmonic reducer of 1 and a group of 153 ∶ the workbench of gear decelerate drive of 31 graduation. Graph numerical control of the 609 engine that pull tooth transforms type selecting of electric machinery of servo of graduation of sketch map of 4 mechanical main transfer machinery in the process, because accept the restriction of original size structure, graduation gearing is begged in the stress in designing a process compact, its structure sketch map is shown 4 times like the graph, use transmission of two class decelerate (harmonic reducer and positive drive) . Nextpage attributes empty movement when graduation as a result of this gearing, the output power of servo electric machinery takes attrition obstruction and the point of view that make take-off has turned to set inside the time in the regulation with Yu Ke. Mix as a result of the diameter of axis of the graduation that be reached by treatment gear again axial size is larger, because this is when type selecting of servo electric machinery, with be being regarded as to study a target for one whole by treatment spare parts and graduation axis. Parameter of technology of the 609 machine that pull tooth is as follows: Machine tool main shaft (essence of life cuts bit body) rotate speed N1: 12 R/min; Use at graduated θ of the oldest circumferential point of view: 60 ° ; By the L of × of D of the largest size of treatment gear and graduation axis (Mm × Mm) : 310 × of φ 200 ~ 250; By the Zmin of least tine number of treatment gear: 30. By the computation of moment of inertia of treatment gear and graduation axis: The convert of moment of inertia that waits for transmission gear, intermediate axis athletic component is carried to output, take output to carry total moment of inertia to be: What allow when graduation gearing graduation is the longest computation is as follows: Those who consider orgnaization of the defer of signal, locking is loose the time expense that waits for a movement with clamp, stem from safe for the purpose of, what allow when graduation gearing graduation is the longest Tmax setting is 0.

2s. The biggest angular displacement when graduation gearing graduation calculates as follows: Calculate to simplify, it is suppose when graduation, be had only by treatment gear and graduation axis divide evenly is quickened and divide evenly decelerate moves two kinds. Namely: Be stopped by treatment gear and graduation axis Cong Jing angular acceleration goes to condition divide evenly Max of ω of the oldest rate, next decelerate of divide evenly horn spends the smallest career 0, reach expectant graduation place. Have: Angular acceleration considers divide evenly of the oldest rate when graduation, existence instantaneous is pounded, take its = of α of the biggest angular acceleration 2.

1 = of 5 α 52.

375rad/s2 is needed by treatment gear and graduation axis place the smallest torque is: = of α of M = J 4.

4483 × 52.

375 = 232.

98nm so, be machined when graduation gear and graduation axis place need most small-power is: = of Max of ω of Pmin = M 232.

98 × 2.

= of 2095 × 10-3 0.

515kw is in normally oil-lubricated below the circumstance, the transmission efficiency η of harmonic reducer 1 for 50% ~ 80% , η of efficiency of straight gear drive 2 for 85% ~ 95% , η of efficiency of scroll bearing drive 3 for 92% ~ 97% . The 1 × of η of = of transmission efficiency η that takes whole gearing 2 × of η 3 = of η 50% , criterion: The = of η of Pmin/ of = of output power P that requires servo electric machinery 0.



03kw is 1ft6034-4ak71-3aa6 because of the model of electric machinery of this choice servo (rated power is 1.

5kw is controlled) , its are rated torque is 2.

3nm, 6000r/min of rated rotate speed. Because what type selecting of Nextpage harmonic reducer chooses the model of servo electric machinery to be 1ft6-4ak71-3aa6, its are rated torque is 2.

3nm, 6000r/min of rated rotate speed. And pound mediumly to reduce transmission process, the top rotate speed of take-off also cannot pass big, take now control for 17r/min. Accordingly the drive of graduation gearing is compared very big, it is about 350 the left and right sides. Because transform the restriction that structure of original measure, space accepts in the process, plan to use transmission of two class decelerate now (harmonic reducer and positive drive) , transmission score fastens set to be 80 ∶ 1, 153 ∶ 31. Fall in rated job status, the output torque of harmonic reducer is about: T1 = 2.

3i = 2.

40 = of 3 × 92nm. Because this chooses the model of harmonic reducer to be Csf-2uh-32-8, its drive is compared for 80 ∶ 1, use oil-lubricated when, input the biggest rotate speed to be 7000r/min, allowable output torque is 118nm, satisfy design requirement. The hardware control plan that is based on Profibus is traditional system of computerized numerical control and every servo unit are joined to need a cable, the system connects a line complex, fault rate is high. And use compose of Profibus-dp of spot bus line to build numerical control system, make this system passes high speed serial bus line and each servo unit are joined, need a cable or a pair of double skeining thread only can. Use the numerical control system that is based on Profibus bus line, its input output signal to convey through Profibus, positional adjustment (speed is given and positional feedback signal) also be to pass Profibus to finish. Pcu is Profibus advocate equipment, every Profibus from equipment (be like Pp72/48, 611ue) the bus line address that has oneself. Order is being arranged in total on-line from equipment is aleatoric. The bus line address of Pp72/48 the set of address switch S1 that attends by module. The bus line address of 611ue needs to use set of tool software Simocom U. To raise graduation precision, the angle coder that controls a system to introduce 18000 lines (model is Rod280) the graduation point of view that measures workbench directly makes system of complete closed circuit. Plan of control system hardware sees a picture 5. Graph configuration of bus line of plan of hardware of 5 control system and Sinumerik 802d of configuration of address of set ● bus line have data of a system piece, should data piece allows to use parameter Md11240:pRofibus_sdb_number chooses the configuration of Simodrive611ue drive and I/o module. Because module of a drive and module of a Pp were configured only in this system, because the set of this Md11240 can have multiple choice. = of Md11240 of the set in this design 5. Its bus line configures as follows: Pp72/48 module: 1 + 1, driver: The set of module of driver of ● of odd axis of + of odd axis of + of double axis of odd axis + and fixed position because systematic regulation has bus line address only the 10 graduation angle that can join with two driver of 20 round grating measures workbench directly, so 5 driver (Pb address is 10) the definition is rotate graduation axis. Bus line join is passed between numerical control system and driver, the system establishs physical connection according to following parameter and driver: Md30110 (Ctrlout_module_nr[0] ) = 5; Definition speed gives port (axial date) Md30220 (Enc_module_nr[0] ) = 5; Port of definition position feedback (axial date) ● position control makes can to unused axis 1-4, md30130 and Md30240 all buy 0, set is emulation axis, namely the system does not produce an instruction to output driver, also do not read the positional signal of electric machinery. The positional control of 5 axes makes can set is as follows: 30130 (Ctrlout_type) = 1; Control gives output kind 30240 (Enc_type) = 1; The definition of runner shaft of coder feedback type coming back is graduation rotor definition B axis, set arrives system in the 5th axis, relevant parameter configuration sees a table 1. Express 1 runner shaft coming back to although geometrical rod was not used in the system,be defined, but still need to have relevant set, this is to eliminate a system to call the police to make Mcs coordinate indicates normal need. When half closed circuit of Nextpage and system of full closed-loop control are undertaking the mutual switch of half closed circuit and complete closed circuit, need makes corresponding set adjust to system of servo drive system and numerical control. The systematic parameter that the mutual switch place of half closed circuit and complete closed circuit involves sees a table 2. The parameter of the system of transmission of set of parameter of system of systematic parameter transmission that the mutual switch place that expresses 2 half closed circuit and complete closed circuit involves decides the real shift of reference axis is measured. Its parameter set sees a table 3. Express speed of coordinate of parameter of system of 3 transmission system and acceleration coordinate speed and acceleration system parameter to decide the athletic rate of reference axis. Its parameter set sees a table 4. The desired result that expresses time of graduation of box of workpiece of 4 coordinate speed and parameter of acceleration system system adds = of Tr of slowdown time constant (Md32000) / (Md32300) / 60 = 0.

036s adds decelerate to be apart from = (Md32000) = of Tr of × 360/60 × 2.

592 ° machine the gear of 30 tine, graduation angle is 30 ° , fast time is its divide evenly: (12 - 2.

592) / 72 = 0.

131s is because of this total graduation time: 0.

2 × of 131 + 0.

036 = 0.

Gelisen pulls 203s epilogue 609 numbers tine machine is the traditional machine that the company produces Gelisen machine that pull tooth, when it machines the gear that different tine counts, need to change to be hanged differently annulus. Go up century 90 time metaphase, british Curdworth company, be engaged in gear cutting machine tool technically creating the company with face-lifting, ever undertook heavying repair transforming to 609 machine tools. Now with respect to Gelisen company former the face-lifting of the 609 machine that pull tooth and British Curdworth company and institute of Hubei auto industry is transformed undertake the technology is compared, see a table 5. Express 5 technologies to compare this project to be produced at consign of all in January 2006 complete, classics spot moves make clear: ● is based on the control system of Profibus bus line to run stability, reliable; ● application round grating detects directly graduation angle, compose controls a system into servo of complete closed circuit, assured the graduation precision of workbench; Servo graduation end carries out clamp of radial hydraulic pressure to workbench, assured the fixed position precision of workbench. The man-machine interface with friendly ● , but very adjust all sorts of parameter conveniently in order to get used to the treatment of driven pulley of much breed gear; The soft hardware with perfect ● is protected and call the police directive, avoid effectively to be machined by accident, the happening of the hazardous condition such as misoperation, convenient maintenance. CNC Milling CNC Machining