Numerical control gets the 5 big item that the attention answers when milling machine is safeguarded

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Zhejiang shake annulus uses Electromechanical unifinication design, can have mill, auger, the spare parts treatment of large quantities of quantities such as rigid tap, realize one person much chance, improve manufacturing efficiency considerably; High grade and cast-iron cast, 2 ageing treatment, use rigid to stick model slideway, reduce a machine tool to wear away, assure long-term precision; Main shaft drive introduces drive of servo electric machinery, high rotate speed, big torque, main shaft box sets equalizer, make Z axis moves in mobile process smooth. Milling machine of numerical control getting basically is used at aluminium of common steel, copper and metalloid milling, bore, attack a tooth, can implement the treatment technology such as four-axle of circular arc, curved surface, much face, suit the production of large quantities of quantities, line of stand-alone production, group is produced. Of the life that numerical control gets the maintenance of milling machine and overhaul to be able to lengthen yuan of parts of an apparatus and component wear away periodic, prevent all sorts of breakdown, improve the mean time between failure of numerical control drilling machine and service life. The respect should note when numerical control gets milling machine to safeguard, when to have as follows: The first. Numerical control gets the use environment of milling machine: The environment that to numerical control getting milling machine had better make its park preserving lukewarm and be far from shake larger facility (like punching machine) with the facility that electromagnetism is disturbed. The 2nd. The attention grooms and deploy operation personnel, maintenance technician and   of   of process designing personnel the 3rd. Milling machine of numerical control getting is due operating rules: Undertake periodic is safeguarded, maintain, occurrence breakdown notices file protect spot to wait. The 4th. Milling machine of numerical control getting is unfavorable and long-term seal up for keeping     the 5th. Origin of power source requirement: Limited company of machine tool of numerical control of Zhejiang shake annulus CNC Milling CNC Machining