Term of a few electric machinery masters before type selecting pace enters electric machinery crucial

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In recent years, the pace is used by a lot of field place all the time into Ink> electric machinery, like illume of automation of Ink> of haemal analyzer, instrument, arena, into control like equipment of equipment, HVAC, valve, presswork platform of equipment, X-Y, compositive chip is made, examine control of the experiment, machine that stick a face, Ink>PLC, Ink>LED sticks a machine He Gujing the mechanical equipment such as machine, included these technologies that provide attraction quite to simplify to design, and still cut down assemble, purchase, the relevant charge such as inventory. As control of miniaturization, computer and the current that reduce cost, the use that Composite pace enters electric machinery increasingly extensive. The engineer of hill company electric machinery that supplies Composite pace to take the electric machinery product such as electric machinery driver into electric machinery and pace all the time needs to understand in this proposal clients and master a few relevant electric machinery term, for relevant equipment type selecting right electric machinery product is crucial. Fixed position or residual moment of force: When passing winding without electric current, can make the output of electric machinery rotates the moment of force that needs to bring to bear on. Driver: One uses moving pace to take the electric control equipment of electric machinery. The frequency conversion clock that this includes component of Ink> power source, logistic programmer, switch and speed of advance of an affirmatory pace to lead. Dynamic moment of force: The moment of force that electric machinery place produces leaves into rate in particular situation. Dynamic moment of force but by PULL IN (pull) pitching moment or PULL OUT(are pulled piece) pitching moment place expresses. Maintain moment of force: Winding is being connected with stable state dc when, can make electric machinery rotates in take-off the moment of force that needs to bring to bear on. Inertial: The object is right the inertial measured value of acceleration or decelerate. What be used at showing electric machinery place wants mobile load here is inertial, or of electric machinery rotor inertial. Linear pace enters increment (or say the pace grows) : Rotor every rotate the linear displacement that horn of a step pitch guides screw place arises. The biggest temperature rise: The electric machinery of the design allows temperature rise. The temperature rise of electric machinery is electric machinery when electrify temperature of loss of occurrence electric energy lifts an inherent character. Electric energy loss basically has resistor to give out heat (cupreous caustic) , iron caustic and attrition loss. The temperature of electric machinery is total loss calorific temperature and environmental temperature the sum. Pulse rate: The pulse amount that every second brings to bear on to go up to electric machinery winding (PPS) . Pulse rate is equal to speed of advance of electric machinery pace to lead. Every second pulse counts (PPS) : The step that electric machinery produces inside a second is counted (call sometimes " the pace is counted / second " ) . The pulse frequency place that this produces by electric machinery driver decides. Litre fall fast: Below the case that does not lose a condition in electric machinery, will give bear to increase to into rate from original small step the biggest, reduce the technology of a kind of drive to original rate again then. Weak condition enters answer: Electric machinery has the time of requirement of complete one pace place. The pace enters: Every receive electric machinery the angle that place of the rotor when a pulse turns, to linear electric machinery, the pace is entered for linear distance. Step pitch horn: The whirl that place of each pace rotor produces, measure an unit to be degree. Rotate every week pace number: Rotor rotates 360 ° .

Needs total step is counted. Resistance moment of force and force quadrature the sum. Pitching moment: Resistance moment of force and force quadrature the sum. PULL OUT(pulls piece) pitching moment: The largest moment of force that the pace can produce below constant speed into electric machinery. Because rate is fixed, also do not have force quadrature so. The kinetic energy of interior of the rotor when week and inertial load make pull a moment of force to increase. PULL IN(pulls) pitching moment: The heart needs those who overcome rotor inertia to quicken torsion, and outside connective is being secured when quickening, receive load and all sorts of attrition torsion. Accordingly, pull pitching moment to be less than normally pull a moment of force. Pitching moment and sex rate of be used to: Retentivity quadrature is divided with rotor moment of inertia. CNC Milling CNC Machining