Finish complex Ban gold optimal modular machine tool

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Process the lumen of intricate work and external form quickly, only benefit comes true with Laser Cutting ability. Treatment of form cutting, fishplate, hem and thread machining are the strong point of punch. Trumatic3000 laser punch mixes laser technology the market of two big advantages of machine tool of Sheet Metal Fabrication at a suit, the hydraulic pressure drift that used newest development success and diffuse cooling TCF - 1 model laser head. Compound treatment machine tool can finish laser punch all ply are in plate of 4mm less than the compound treatment of material. Compound to needing to use processing technique is high grade the production of low cost is complex Ban gold the company will tell, machine tool of this laser punch is first-rate choice. All labor are concentrated model Sheet Metal Fabrication can be on modular machine tool of punch of this Trumatic3000L laser the hydraulic pressure drift that finishs compound machine tool can finish many punch job, and Laser Cutting head can finish Ban gold the cut treatment of outline of complex inside and outside. Laser punch is compound of the machine tool strong cut into parts achievable three-dimensional treatment task. Below the help of hydraulic pressure drift, compound treatment machine tool is achievable Ban gold form cutting, pull delay treatment and thread machining. Machine working procedure to finish these complex production, the manufacturer home of laser punch machine tool is user research and development technically Trumpf-Multibend is muti_function tooling and hydraulic pressure tool. Use hydraulic pressure technology, the gold of the Ban that finish of OK and fast, high quality an edge. When machining other follow-up to machine working procedure, if thread machining is mixed,make mark wait, whole treatment process can be completed in holding clip. The biggest strong cut force into parts to be able to amount to 165kN, the fastest strong cut frequency into parts to be able to be amounted to 600 times / Min, its motion acceleration but the photograph of Trumpf punch machine tool with other type is rivalled. What it deploys is straight cutting tool library can accommodate 19 kinds of different cutting tool, have the 5 functions of newest research and development and tool of punch of 10 functions multipurpose among them. Pressing plate of two kinds of appropriative, the type leaving place of compositive type is lubricant pair of plank lower part with OK and significant module undertake lubricating, reduce form cutting to the mould wear away. The 2 dimension of TrumaticL2510 in equipment the cut that Laser Cutting head is this machine tool " cutting tool " , TCF - 1Laser Cutting head also is deployed go up in machine tool of Trumatic3000 laser punch. Head of this kind of Laser Cutting is the carbon dioxide laser of a 2kw, the space that takes up in the machine tool is very little. The ejaculation as a result of this kind of laser bundle quality is very good (K = 0.

9) , make it can have the cut rate that is equivalent to laser of 3kw carbon dioxide. The advantage of FCT1 is air consumption very small, need one year to change only at most Premix gas cylinder. To make laser as far as possible stand by the hem that is as high as 25mm to have cut, undertook optimizing matching in the development that the architect of equipment protects air system in laser, achieved ideal result. The span of APC blame contact of the design is self-adjusting implement can the span that self-adjusting laser cuts chew and workpiece outline, laser beam machining is over after all outline, by the splint of 500mm of × of a 300mm workpiece automatic send from laser head side. The biggest advantage of machine tool of Trumatic3000 laser punch is economic space, it needs the area of 45m2 only, cover an area of than common punch machine tool little. Another advantage of this machine tool is to make sure workpiece is in whole treatment process not by cut. What machine tool of 3000L laser punch deploys is the workbench that takes wool to brush, in there is the hydraulic pressure flexibility that optimizes a design to control a ball all round die, realize the impaction of workpiece; Can prevent iron plate to move in punch process, occurrence nick. And the closing device that does not have nick also is having enough thrust. The operation of the comfortable sex machine tool of the operation is to use feeling screen to have pilot, trumpf company develops it technically, the operation that has punch engineering technology controls an interface. In this kind feeling controls the backside of screen, the PNC that those who use is Bosch company controls a system. What the work out of laser punch machine program uses is Tops300 process designing implement, it is one kind agrees with punch and punch - the system of professional process designing that stimulates smooth compound processing technique. The module form that equipment provides is electric control ark also makes the function of laser punch machine tool is transformed, the function is patulous more convenient. The electric equipment cabinet that Trumpf company has patent protection is modular the technology can realize laser punch equipment " Plug and Play " . The comfortable sex that compound machine tool operates laser punch returns expression to be in a lot of detail, the shield that if convenient open is mixed,shuts laser head, drift, went to the lavatory of Laser Cutting head change. CNC Milling CNC Machining