The line cut of injection mould mold insert is machined

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Summary: In the light of the mold insert in injection mould need is broken up, undertake breaking up on the foundation that must go to the lavatory in mature treatment function, changing convenience sex, exhaust.

Keyword: Injection mould; Mold insert; The mold insert in line cut injection mould needs to be broken up, must be in mature treatment function, changing convenience sex, undertake breaking up on the foundation of exhaust. Combine the experience in the job, generalize as follows: (Position of 1) bag state (1) seeing a picture, need to undertake breaking up for exhaust. When cannot be being broken up, so movable side, can consider to install ejector pin. (2) has the mold insert that highlights partly only, cent rift is better (2) seeing a picture. Graph the mold insert A with 2 outstanding shares -- , the B before breaking up -- , after breaking up (3) is used at shaping the mold insert of reseau, reduce its sort as far as possible, break up its general part (be the same as when reseau appearance photograph when) . (4) carves position, cent rift treatment is easy. By cent rift carven, way must notice when assembling. (5) irrigates road junction place, also want to make a part as far as possible alone. Do the component of runner mouth to be secured to facilitate alone, can process step account. (6) online cut cuts the mold insert that the Kongneian that go out installs, if ask orthogonal circumstance, because line cut is cut,circular arc is contained inside the opening that give, can consider to machine step on mold insert. (7) receives the wall of plug-in unit, easy happening bend, want to set steps leading up to a house to prevent to bend, break up treatment (need to revise, need to change only mold insert, see graph 3) . Graph 3 settings step breaks up treatment (when 8) is broken up, if have figure similar, the height that can adopt chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, direction, appearance tries to distinguish. (9) mold insert is broken up meticulous, can give assemble working procedure to bring a trouble. (10) mold insert should use the figure with great strength, the thin prominent figure on mold insert, add in fine outstanding share it is better to strengthen a wall. CNC Milling CNC Machining