Solder new technology introduces

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Vacuum arc welding receives a technology it is OK the latest technology that waits for a metal to undertake small test specimen undertakes solder of fast and efficient local heating drill rod fusing solder is reached is opposite to alloy of stainless steel, titanium and high temperature alloy. This technology is invented by Russia, apply quickly in aviation engine in soldering. Of gas cylinder of alloy of the repair that use vacuum electric arc has turbine blade, titanium solder, solve material effectively oxidation, bate, hot tearing, fight oxidation function to fall low problem. Narrow clearance is extremely fused it has technology of aeriform protection arc welding than other narrow clearance welder art more advantages, in random the position can get the welding line of high quality, and have energy-saving, solder cost efficiency of low, production tall, suitable scope is wide wait for a characteristic. Use exterior tension to transfer the technology undertakes fusing extremely aeriform protection arc welding makes clear, this technology is sure to be promoted further extremely fused aeriform protection arc welding is in narrow the application that clearance solders. Laser filling solders is to point to fill beforehand in welding line specific solder to fuse with laser illuminate after material or be in stimulate while illumination is shot, fill solder material solders with forming the method of contact. The reinforce of laser filling solder of broad sense should include two kinds: Laser is right solder and laser frit Fu. Among them, laser frit Fu is to use laser to be in Fu of workpiece surface frit a metal, pottery and porcelain or other material, in order to improve a kind of technology of material surface function. Laser filling solders the technology basically applies at heterogeneous material to solder, coloured and special type material solder and large construction steel solder wait for laser to be opposite directly the domain with insufficient solder. High speed solders technology it makes the twice of yield of solder deliver a child of MIG / MAG grows, it incorporates technology of fast electric arc and fast and fused technology. Solder as a result of what use electric current is big, frit is so deep big, won't arise commonly not solder is appeared and fusion is undesirable wait for blemish, welding line figuration is good, welding line metal and mother capable person transfer flowing, be helpful for increasing fatigue strength. Agitate friction welding (FSW) FSW technology soldered by England 1991 institute invention, regard photograph of a kind of solid as join method, the such as stoma that it overcame fusion welding, crackle, be out of shape wait for blemish, more make pass method of traditional fusion welding to cannot realize soldering material to be able to use FSW implementation to solder before, be known as " after afterwards laser beam welding another solder revolutionarily technology " . FSW basically is heated up by the attrition of agitate head and joint is formed below the combined action of mechanical extruding, its are main principle and characteristic are: The agitate head that when soldering, rotates slowly enter welding line, make through attrition heat build-up when be contacted with workpiece surface the plasticity of a metal all round is changed. In the meantime, agitate head forms welding line along shift of direction of welding. Regard photograph of a kind of solid as join method, FSW besides the material that can solder with method of common fusion welding hard (can come true to make sure with fusion welding the crackle sensitivity of quality is strong hard for example 7000, the high quality of 2000 series aluminium alloy joins) , FSW still has temperature low, be out of shape small, connect is mechanical performance is good (include fatigue, drawing, curve) , do not generate contact of similar fusion welding cast constituent blemish, and its organization is refined as a result of plasticity flow, solder be out of shape solder aftertreatment is reached before small, solder simple, can have whole place solder, adaptability is good, efficiency it is tall, good to operate simple, environmental protection wait for an advantage. What be worth to point out especially is, agitate friction welding is had agree with automation and the advantage that the robot operates, such as: Do not need to fill silk, protection to enrage (to aluminium alloy) , can the oxidation film with thin be patient of, produce to batch, the tool head of a the tool head that does not need to undertake the finishing of and so on of burnish, scratch is not loss, model can be used solder the aluminium alloy of 6000 series amounts to 1000 meters to wait. Laser - electric arc is compound heat source solders (Laser Arc Hybrid) Laser Arc Hybrid already put forward 1970, however, till stable treatment just appears in last few years, the development of technology of laser of this main profit from and arc solder equipment, especially laser power rises with what electric current controls a technology. Compound when soldering, the plasma that laser produces is helpful for the stability of electric arc; Compound solder can improve treatment efficiency; The weldability that can raise the aluminium alloy of material such as with poor weldability, Shuang Xianggang to wait; Can increase soldering stability and dependability; Normally, it is very sensitive that laser adds filar solder, pass with electric arc compound, what change is easy and reliable. Laser, electric arc is compound and main it is laser and TIG, Plasma and MAG. Carry the mutual influence of laser and electric arc, what can overcome oneself of method of avery kind of is insufficient, produce favorable compound effect then. MAG cost is low, use fill silk, applicability is strong, defect is frit depth, solder fast low, work stands hot load is big. Laser beam welding can form deep and narrow welding line, solder fast tall, hot input is low, but investment is high, tall to requirement of workpiece preparation precision, the adaptability that waits for material to aluminium is poor. The compound effect expression of Laser-MAG is in: Electric arc increased to receive a gender to the bridge of clearance, its reason has 2: It is fill welding wire, 2 it is electric arc heats range is wider; Electric arc power decides width of welding line coping; The plasma that laser produces reduced electric arc ignition and maintained resistance, make electric arc stabler; Laser power decided the deepness of welding line; Tell further, compound brought about efficiency to increase and solder of adaptability increase. Laser electric arc is compound to soldering of efficiency rise very remarkable. This basically is based on two kinds of effect, it is higher energy density was brought about taller solder speed, workpiece convection loss is reduced; The 2 overlay effect that are interaction of two heat source. Solder when steel, laser plasma makes electric arc stabler, in the meantime, electric arc also enters bath alveolus, reduced the loss of energy; Solder when aluminium, because overlay effect has nothing to do with laser wavelengh almost, its physics mechanism and character still need further research. Laser-TIG Hybrid can increase solder significantly fast, it is 2 times when TIG solders about; Tungsten pole burns caustic to also be reduced greatly, life increases; Groove included angle also is reduced, the close when welding line area and laser beam welding. University of A go smoothly nots bright with cost laser technology institute was developed, kind laser Shuang Hu is compound solder (HyDRA - Hybrid Welding With Double Rapid Arc) , with laser compound solder photograph compares Chan Hu, solder rate can increase about 1/3, line capabilities reduces 25% . CNC Milling CNC Machining