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Ike Si Kang (EXECHON) structure is kinematic

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Normal MARGIN of sex of function of 0in 0in 0pt"> : 0in 0in 0pt">normal > " the tripod orgnaization of series-parallel connection mixture drive " athletic changeover is have and - the changeover of a of series connection drive 5 axes, see a picture 1 with the graph 2. This kind of structure makes rotate sexual semmetry cutting tool (milling cutter, laser bundle) can locate to workpiece relatively inside treatment space. The process designing of the speed on its method and method is changed at 3 axes approximately. Cutting tool alignment is the additional parameter that serves as a subprogram by process designing. Calculative of real time changeover is the synthetic motion of all 5 axes. Consequently machine program is not the machine tool is peculiar. The transmission appropriative aftertreatment that was not necessary to use 5 axes to machine exercise to use implement. The length compensation of cutting tool is included in machining computation. Through be in an alone coordinate fastens the cutting tool in - workpiece - the clear program memory of exterior azimuth (TOframe) , can vertically get on cutting tool from workpiece of go back. Graph 1: The Normal Align=center> pursues 2: The Normal Align=center>normal > : Normal >normal > triangle foundation uses a versatile connect and a linear axis to be linked together. These straight bobbin decided triangular shift platform is opposite the position at fundamental platform. Each straight bobbin uses what axis of rotation makes to be linked together with floating platform. The 2nd straight bobbin has an additional freedom to spend, what the way that winding linear axis namely rotates to be linked together with floating platform is a swivel pipe joint and connect of a circumgyrate. Two kinds of connect are to be used at be in the space of fixed position main shaft. It is shunt-wound that about the head the motion of 3 3 axes joins, additionally two runner shaft coming back are with connective of its series connection. So this machine has 3 spaces freedom is spent and 2 direction freedom is spent. Normal >normal MARGIN of symbol of 0in 0in 0pt"> : 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 28.

5pt"> lowercase states size amount is like length, uppercase state the space is nodded, thick substance alphabet shows directional vector. The begin to write or paint below expresses I from 1 to 3. Normal MARGIN of base coordinate department of   of 5in">BCS   : 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: In-house coordinate of   of 27pt">ICS     fastens Normal >MPS   fastens Normal MARGIN of origin of platform of foundation of 0pt">OICS   : 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 27pt; Tab-stops: 99.

Origin of floating platform of 0pt">OMPS   , namely axis 4 with the axis 5 to the axis the node of 4 vertical line. Normal >ui   is secured at fundamental platform (outside contact) the axis of rotation of versatile connect. Normal >vi   is secured at linear axis (inside contact) the axis of rotation of versatile connect. Normal >di   the distance between two axis of rotation. Normal >e   is perpendicular at the axis the 2 deflection with V2 measure Normal >f   measures Normal >Ai   is nodical. Normal > λ   inside the distance between the A1 on direction of coordinate department X and A2. Normal > φ   the 2nd linear axis is as fore-and-aft as its the angle between, namely the angle between V2 and W2. Normal >qi   and Wi. The value of this and corresponding straight bobbin is suitable. Normal >q4   the angle of the 4th axis of rotation. Normal >q5   the angle of the 5th axis of rotation. Normal >wi   is in in floating platform. Normal >Bi   is in in the axis of rotation near floating platform between Vi and Wi vertical line is nodical. Arrive from the connect outside versatile contact according to the requirement inside of contact hang down sufficient it is to be on that vertical line, it is exclusive that so this is nodded. Normal >r   the directional vector to floating platform. Normal >H   , it is an axis 5 with the node between the vertical line that crosses OMPS. Normal MARGIN between OMPS of   of   of 5in">c   and H: 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 25.

1pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

5; Tab-stops: 99.

Normal >tool   : 0in 0in 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 25pt; Mso-char-indent-count: 2.

Axis of edge of   of   of 5">t1   the cutting tool dimension of 5. Normal >t2   provides direction and axis the cutting tool dimension of 5. Normal >t3   . Normal >normal > does not break catholicity, all directional vector should be unit length. CNC Milling CNC Machining