Door subsidiary releases system of new-style numerical control on the west

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As the whole world the biggest electric the Xi Menzi company with one of electronic companies' subordinate Xi Menzi automation and drive group, held in Beijing a few days ago 2005 on exposition of China International machine tool, released the Sinumerik802DSolutionLine that deploys SinamicsS120 of new-style drive system (Sl) numerical control system. Of this system appear first, make one of exposition of 4 big machine tool of the newest progress that Xi Menzi represents advanced technique of world equipment manufacturing industry and equipment in this international machine tool is exhibited go up to suffer fully fix eyes upon. In the meantime, door subsidiary is in on the west exhibit broad user and machine tool manufacturer are on the stage, offer include each fields such as product, solution and service inside the opportunity that overall introduction also was personnel attending the meeting to provide as intimate as latest technology of world of numerical control domain contact. This, the Sinumerik802DSolutionLine of technology of new generation drive that is united in wedlock with SinamicsS120 photograph (Sl) it is global head to exhibit, should antedate even the exhibition with the most essential machine tool industry -- , European machine tool is exhibited (EMO) , this enough revealed Xi Menzi company to be opposite the long-term commitment of Chinese market, be dedicated to be the development of industry of Chinese machine tool to make contribution, with period the high speed of stimulative China machine tool grows CNC Milling CNC Machining