Shallow the application that talks about fast mould to make and development

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Summary: Mould production industry is the foundation of each industries, arrive greatly car, small to the toy, its make a method all result from numerous size mould. Newspaper ever reported: "From Guangzhou labor department learns, in Pearl River delta at present the mould scale of production of some area occupies our country 1/3 to control about, but mould worker breach already exceeded 100 thousand. The mould makes one of main items that also are mechanical industry, also be an industry that our country urges a foreign trader to invest. As the industry is made be transferred to China after joining World Trade Organization, mould production employment got more high-speed develops. General component is the mould plastic model and hardware model, it is to point to the tool of a kind of treatment that can produce a part that has certain measure and appearance demand, namely the matrix that constant ordinary people say. For example the component that toy, mobile phone, car, television, plane waits all sorts of products a moment and the production of all crust cannot leave a pattern. The mould is the mother that industry produces, be product production industry is essential. Accordingly, the use of mould technology comparatives with respect to current society foreground capacious. One, at present our country has become the development latent capacity of mould manufacturing industry production base of international, make manufacturing manufacturing industry big country, however the mould is the fundamental equipment that every product big batch makes, the industry that does not have a mould can realize large quantities of quantities impossibly to produce, reduce cost, improve quality. A country creates powerful nation from trend of production powerful nation, mould design is acting decisive part in the process. Japan is world industry and economic powerful nation, he can be very fast in the World War II climb from inside remains, because it is going up,be industry grows the century the fifties on very old rate in outline, create the pattern the core that serves as it develops a target, the development that accelerates its countryman economy, industry and revitalize. Current, the development rate of our country manufacturing industry is rapidder, because is our country,can be in formerly " 95 " the program comes " 915 " among the program, can label the mould of the basic industry that develops mainly and key give aid to industry, the development of mould industry can turn a pattern greatly industry and its are relevant the development of industrial catenary. 2, mould design and production   (one) analyse to wanting to do feasibility before products plan mould, it is with the box of computer exemple, the first each part product the graph uses design software to undertake establishing an analysis, it is a plan that the place in our design says, before ensuring the mould is designed, every product blueprint is correct, the 2nd can be familiar with each component the importance in box, and the dimension of certain focal point, it is so only in mould design the design with better ability, detailed introduction is not made one by one here. (2) after analysing a product, the job that we should have is right the component undertakes what kind of mould designs a structure analytic use, undertake to the component sort works, ensure each working programs develop labour content, and use software design product undertake its spreading out in computer, spread out in the component when hind general from hind project forward ministry project undertakes spreading out, for instance some component needs to measure 5 works program, punch is finished begin to come from component blueprint while the product spreads out 4 works program, 3 works program, 2 works program, one work program, and spread out program of a before undertaking again next one work duplicates after an image develop the work, the part that completed 5 works program so develops the work, more meticulous job can have later, this one step is very important, need us at the same time particularly attentive, if this one pace can be finished good, designing lieutenant general of mould model attempt to be able to save more time, after the state that controls to each engineering communications center has decided, include in shaping mould, the in-house and peripheral line of component material ply is withheld, can ensure punch-die is provided so dimension and use. (3) prepare data, the blueprint that basis component unfolds prepares material, the size of mould pattern plate determines in blueprint paper paper, include each discharge board, mold insert, fixed head, punch-die, want to notice to should spread out a graph to advance to prepare data all right in the component, such word to drawing mould blueprint be to have bigger gain, the pattern that has a lot of designs personnel to spread out a graph to undertake handmade consideration will prepare data to the component directly, such methodological efficiency is honest too low, can designing the picture on blueprint to give the measure that mould pattern plate provides directly, the formal position that establishs a plan so is stated, the first can finish preparative material, the leave out in the 2nd program that produces each fittings in the mould is very much needless job, because be in,scale needs to getting the materials ready only among the job of each components aperture of guide pillar, screw, fixed position, pin is joined in blueprint can. (4) the scale that can enter mould blueprint in the round after preparative material is finished, should getting the materials ready among blueprint recycle a blueprint comes out, undertake the scale of each component, if join fixed position aperture, guide pillar aperture, screw aperture,wait for aperture, answer to need each opening in punching pattern plate the aperture wearing silk of line cut, should be in shape in the mould, of fluctuation pattern plate shape clearance, such the mould plan of a production component is similar after these programs are finished had finished 80% , still have still should need to notice among the process in scale mould blueprint: Of each working programs, blueprint make, for example line cut, benchwork is underlined etc. There is the whole graph layer that has made between different treatment job, such word has very big gain to drawing government and line cut, for example the area classify of the tagging of dimension, color, also be a very special and important work program likewise, still be a more troublesome job at the same time, because of too wasteful really working hours. (5) after be being finished in the blueprint paper of above so, still cannot design blueprint in order to issue actually, still must design blueprint to have closer examination to the mould, group of will all part stands rise, the pattern that should use every to differ together board make make different graph layer, and want same standard for example guide pillar aperture arrives all the time etc undertake the mould establishs an analysis, and develop each working program components the plan cover in establishing blueprint, the clearance collocation of the fluctuation pattern plate that reachs corner place in order to ensure Kong Weiyi sends each pattern plate is mixed whether firmly. 3, the mould uses a pattern mediumly in nowadays society is nowadays production is made also important and basic tooling, in workers and peasants also production of product need big batch and new product research and development the demand to the mould is indispensable, fittings of use mould production can achieve low cost material, low can produce efficiency, tall consistency, high complex rate, high accuracy with Gao Sheng very much, made mould manufacturing industry is among each industries the position is increasingly elevatory. In various mould product, divide in all it is 10 kinds big, include v among them, cast, balata, plastic, punch is waited a moment, use produce at the product with a lot of mediumer manufacturing industry, the applied limits of visible mould had covered a lot of fields of current society. As the rapid development of science and technology, make mould production technology had more crackajack show, by the manufacturing feature of informatization, digitlization, automation, the handiwork that proves present mould industry times replaced a tradition designs a times. CNC Milling CNC Machining