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Science and technology of Beijing gold millions of people expands limited company this second CIMT2009 exhibits company of millions of people of the gold on the meeting to basically exhibit big clear and company (BIG) the following product: Compare series of knife handle of high accuracy bedspring, high accuracy times newlier type of module of series of knife handle of high speed of series of puissant mill knife handle, beautiful clip, CK bores hole tigidity of knife handle series, beautiful clip is tap knife handle, fast sharp edge knife handle establishing mill, whirly pours horny knife, efficiency to turn set, . Advocate promote a product: 1. Compare clip of series of knife handle of high accuracy bedspring times newlier to hold limits φ 0.

25 ~ 20mm; 20 000r/min of highest turn up; The mouth carries jumpy precision less than of 1 μ M; The diameter of 4 times is in jumpy precision less than of 3 μ M, agree with extensively auger, the thick finish machining such as mill and bore with a reamer. 2. Clip of series of handle of puissant milling cutter holds high accuracy limits φ 16 ~ 50.

8mm; Use the slit orgnaization design with unique BIG, jumpy precision is tall, place of 4 times diameter maintains less than of 10 μ M; Clip holds muscularity, it is the high accuracy knife handle that establish milling cutter for bigger diameter only and designs, agree with the heavy cut that establishs milling cutter and high accuracy treatment. 3. The system of location of BIG-PLUS two sides that series of knife handle of beautiful clip high speed used You Dazhao and machine of essence of life to be developed independently, the gender designs the tall dynamic balancing that contented high speed machines, make the tigidity of whole treatment system and precision rise considerably, agree with especially expensive precision work of contemporary high speed. 4. CK module type bores hole of BIG of knife handle series bore hole treatment cutting tool is system of module type cutting tool, can combine freely, adaptability is strong, set is whole, size range of pipe bent is wide, 1 ~ of standard correspondence φ 880mm. Useful head of thick boring of the TW at rough machining and RW, head of boring of essence of the EWN of finish machining, EWB, and the EWN that trail uses and EWB boring head, additionally still correspondence waits at machining series of trail deep aperture and series of external diameter boring. 5. The United States places M20 of ~ of M2 of limits of tap of rigid tap knife handle, use the error with distinctive BIG to make good omissions orgnaization, the different situation error that arises to rigid tap undertakes axial make good omissions, the bear that can make arise in treatment reduces the 1/10 of knife handle of general and rigid tap, make whorl precision rises considerably not only thereby, return the service life that can prolong tap. CNC Milling CNC Machining