Punch on-line true suction provides: Reduce cost through removing trouble

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The cost that true suction has a system to absorb metallic thin plate and efficiency are quite important, it is especially in auto industry, cost and quality issue are quite sensitive. Unfortunate is, often meet about the report of vacuum generator recently compare the product photograph of two kinds of be totally unrelateds, and produced a lot of disloyal reports to circulate in the market from this. In fact, the design concept of different technique and product is cannot mutual relative. Several years ago, vacuum expert Dr.

Kurt Schmalz and Mr Wolfgang Schmalz devote oneself to to study function of automatic solar term and get very great progress, compare with traditional vacuum generator, today the compression of Schmalz vacuum generator air wastage had been saved 98% . Function of this kind of solar term -- spend when vacuum when falling be worth certainly, put out compress air to supply a source -- if can save higher cost really, very important. However, in car production workshop, often meet below a lot of circumstances oversight is dropped reduce reduce the one fraction cost with airy cost managing place, and the method of more managing cost was dropped by oversight. Typical " the person that compress air to use up " it is to happen in true suction to provide the systematic breakdown in the system and vacuum to divulge, and detect very hard and these locate normally, this kind of problem stops machine or more serious consequence via often can be being brought about -- the attaint of mould or press, the loss that causes in that way cannot be estimated. Headquarters is located in the Schmalz company of German south Glatten, regard the market of global vacuum domain as the leader, what got the world's famous Euramerican car manufacturer in the outstanding performance of domain of global automation punch is extensive approbate. The huge loss that be divulged in the light of the systematic breakdown that how because vacuum system is medium,prevents and vacuum and produces, research and development goes out have special " the system monitors a function " new-style vacuum generator - X pump. Reveal pump of two Schmalz X to be able to be installed together. X pump is had " exceed powerful, amount exceeding interest, exceed intelligence " function -- X- pump has the efficient vacuum generator that the typical pattern that showed X pump couple has a system to monitor a function super- strong blow attract faculty (the pump capability of more traditional than be the same as dimension suction nozzle is high 30% .

05 seconds) , answer time fast, structure is simple wait for a characteristic. Afore-mentioned character shortened greatly production is periodic (can achieve punch component apart 8 meters, manufacturing metre>8 / minute) , improve the manufacturing efficiency of whole punch line greatly thereby. In the meantime, x- pump is compositive also the system is monitored (analysis) function and air save a function. Schmalz X pump is used on the strong line ball of Euramerican Motor Corporation. Through the robot but will raw workpiece (Blanks) safety is put well and truly on below one press. The system monitored a function to provide a lot of benefit for the client. It can improve the stability of vacuum system and manufacturing efficiency greatly. When it is developing line ball to stop even, detect the breakdown of vacuum system -- vacuum is divulged (the working state that corresponding indicator light can show to at present true suction provides a system) , this is meant can undertake be overhauled beforehand and be maintenanced when developing line ball to use the next time. Be versed in below machine support of the people the operation state of a robot. Although punch line distance is further -- 8 Mi Yuan -- X pump still can be achieved > 8 / minute manufacturing rate. All these is attributed to its powerful pump ability to be able to assure to achieve needs vacuum to spend quickly. The loss that the application of this new technology makes the trouble that because true suction is provided,removes completely is caused turns into likelihood. Be compared and character, traditional vacuum generator can show the system has stopped only or generate the fault signal that vacuum divulges because of breakdown. Maintain staff to the equipment of punch workshop and character, this side issue is worth to take seriously, because the true suction of punch workshop provides systematic susceptive wallop,comparative big, wear away or the vacuum that breakdown produces is divulged can make whole punch line breaks down. Client satisfaction is current, generator of Schmalz new-style vacuum - on the punch product line of the Daimler Chrysler that X pump has applied in Bremen, a chief of punch workshop says: "We are very satisfactory to X pump, our punch workshop shares line of 14 automation punch, have the punch facility with the the most advanced, fastest whole world. Of X- pump monitor and error correction function is all vacuum generator that we had used in particular. This also is future the account that we prepare provide a system to undertake an innovation to all true suction. X- pump suction nozzle can compare original generator faster, taller landed unripe vacuum, this makes we reduced manufacturing cycle further (without time of manufacturing stop work) , raise yield at the same time. And produce stability meanwhile and did not reduce somewhat. Because the system monitored a function to eliminate any systematic breakdown that happen likely and vacuum to divulge ahead of schedule, reduced time of punch line breakdown, avoided bigger loss. " operate and adjust of X pump very handy, deserve to have very big key-press, clear indicator light and larger active area make operate handy palpability. He was described at the same time in installation and debug new Duan Shi implement when the state of place happening. "During travel trying luck, condition is monitored (diagnose) the function shows immediately the problem exists, red light twinkles ceaselessly, vacuum generation rate is too slow. Original, we do not understand why to can produce this kind of phenomenon, because we are used, is brand-new acetabulum. Because we repeat use a few old connection,through detecting in detail we discover is produce vacuum leak and cause a problem. Thanks to compositive type ' timely diagnose ' system, avoided bigger loss for us. In the meantime, in the following production, we also need not waste more time to undertake fault and error correction work checking. " two X pump (SXP) can join quickly through a base. Pump of new generation X is to be industry of the automobile that finish only special demand and development -- apply to punch workshop and automobile body workshop especially! Of pump of brief summary Schmalz X- " state supervisory system " assure what be regarded as the safe production on line of punch of Euramerican Motor Corporation reliably. In the meantime, the client's maintenance and operation cost are reduced greatly, manufacturing stability got rising. The occurrence of X- pump, be sure to drive global punch automation to produce forward more more intelligence, safe way develops! CNC Milling CNC Machining