Fork of treatment railroad manganese, switch is special but the CAD/CAM of dislocation milling cutter

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1 foreword " 75 " during, railway ministry place belonged to factory of hill custom bridge and factory of treasure chicken bridge to introduce the special machine tool of fork of treatment railroad manganese and switch respectively, machine tool place uses cutting tool is Sweden the company produces Shanteweike but dislocation shapes milling cutter. Because import confine of norms of cutting tool existence, and the price is high, my company should bridge factory asks to begin development to replace a product. This series milling cutter belongs to diagram of graph 1 TBQD221-07 milling cutter but dislocation shapes milling cutter, design and production difficulty is greater, the design method that uses a convention and treatment kind come true very hard. My factory is core with SUN graph workstation, adopt the package of I-dieas application software of American SDRC company, the MAX-I of Er of flower case all alone that introduces from Germany with my factory but the design of dislocation milling cutter, process designing and manufacturing technology photograph are united in wedlock, the CAD that finished this series milling cutter (CAD) and auxiliary make (CAM) , the series that successfully development gave to have distinguishing feature alone but dislocation milling cutter. This series milling cutter uses the MAX-I of Er of flower case all alone structure principle that establishs outfit razor blade, the treatment of cutter hub is in the center of CNC Machining of 5 coordinate linkage of the entrance to be finished, the numerical control periphery that the finish machining of bit is importing undertakes on grinder. The each precision index of this series milling cutter all as congener as the entrance cutting tool is identical. 2 but the CAD of dislocation milling cutter is with the design of TBQD221-07 milling cutter exemple, milling cutter diagram sees a picture 1. The picture on preexistence computer gives molded lines of successive and smooth cutting tool standard, the curvilinear part on molded lines uses B batten method to design. Have section to molded lines of cutting tool standard next, the line mixes every paragraphs of music to part to be comprised by the edge line of hard alloy razor blade point-blank, have each bit building receiving inside tolerancepublic errand limits again. If the graph is shown 2 times, the curvilinear part of molded lines is built by the circular arc of line of two paragraphs of edge of razor blade of A, B receive and become, linear part is built by bit C, D, E receive and become. After bit has been arranged by cutting tool molded lines, press Ingersoll MAX-I but the structure of dislocation milling cutter, have the following method of two kinds of designs: Bit amlposition forms fall to design experience for a long time according to us, derivation gives computational amlposition to be worth the formula of X to be X=0.

The Wb in 5{Wb+C([N2/(Wb2+C2)]-1)1/2} type -- bit width is in axial is sectional the magnanimity that go up is worth a graph 2 edge molded lines builds the C that accept a plan -- hind the corner differs N -- after each razor blade presses the diameter that corner difference is in a circle respectively computation goes out, those who turn to the requirement locally, redo gives the chamfer discharging bits with every corresponding razor blade, empty tool bore and bolt opening, completed the design of this milling cutter namely. After razor blade of the horn after turning directly has been arranged, do not undertake amlposition, the cutting blade that circles bit directly however turns hind horn. This series but dislocation milling cutter used method of this kind of design, the advantage of this method is molded lines accurate. But the NC process designing of this milling cutter reachs the CAM of dislocation milling cutter treatment move is as follows: When 2 times geometrical modelling has model of milling cutter substance with CAD system, basically be from the design angle considers, departmental cent must satisfy a design to ask when demand model. And should consider when treatment enough feed and sex of craft of the space that retreat a knife and other treatment ask, have problem of a 2 geometry model right now so, need to machine basis of model of the bit, chamfer that discharge bits the circumstance to magnify appropriately namely, because their appearance decided to walk along knife contrail, still need to undertake to its proper modification is mixed so simplify, eliminate and the geometrical element that machine information to have nothing to do, because the flank of razor blade of circular arc form and straight razor blade and underside all become 90 ° , so the razor blade when process designing needs to withhold underside of a treatment only, the pertinent treatment information such as aperture of chamfer of bits of again compensatory platoon, empty knife, bolt, comprise a NC to machine a model finally. Because this milling cutter uses a space,enter NC-SETUP module 5 coordinate curved surface machines means, because this wants what will arranged via 2 geometry modelling to be machined,the face uses Surface pitch on, the exercise file that makes form of a GNC finally (TBQD-* * * . JB) . Certain treatment craft differentiates above all treatment working procedure, this milling cutter holds clip process of achievable full treatment, can differentiate for 9 working procedure, include mill empty sword, mill of the thick mill of the chamfer that discharge bits, bit chamfer, half essence mill, essence of life, the center of bolt aperture, bore, tap. Choose to machine a machine tool next (MAHO 800C or BOHLE) weave procedure, include to choose course of dosage of cutting tool, cutting, mental allowance, treatment to wait. Press chosen cutting tool and cutting dosage / of GNC format TOOL finally... write exercise file TBQD-* * * . In JB. Enter GNC, transfer into JBQD-* * * . JB file enters GNC, TBDQ-* * * . JB file transfers into, undertake necessary geometrical classification and view are arranged first, weave next machine program Sequence. The following problem should note in process designing process: ① is machined the law of the face to it is contrary sometimes, need attune comes over; ② border has way, kcurve should ask to decide according to treatment. 5 coordinate curved surface machines the command with commonly used means to have: Partsurf Guv Multaxis Taxis Goto. After Sequence machine program has woven, with File end Sequence works, with Finish end Job works, generate Dao Weiwen at the same time TBQD-* * * . CL. The to program flow chart that undertakes milling cutter of aftertreatment graph 3 TAQ211-07 chooses what to use the special aftertreatment program of the machine tool, the standard N that inputs clamping apparatus is worth the serial number that reach Cheng, can begin pair of knives the aftertreatment process of the file, generate machine program TBQD-* * * at the same time. TP, namely the target document that machine tool treatment uses, still want job of farther process designing to this target file, in order to solve the bequeath problem when the work out in Sequence machines course or craft, needless auxiliary time increases in order to avoid when effective treatment. Still need an editor to give a knife to express a file finally, in order to have handlers is used when tone knife. The machine program that tries treatment to will edited inputs a machine tool to undertake first try treatment, machine a group of razor blade first, detect with measuring projector next bit builds received molded lines, be like the enlarge graph conform to of molded lines and scale, explain the procedure is correct, workpiece installs clip hind to be able to complete treatment. If try treatment to cannot be achieved,expect an end, simple question can pass manual adjustment, if exist principle or complex issue, in needing to return the Sequence of GNC, undertake modification afresh, till correct till. Graph the 3 to program flow chart that are TAQD211-07 milling cutter. 4 but the razor blade of this milling cutter uses the structural characteristic of dislocation milling cutter establish outfit structure, the fixed position of bit originallies closely to need a screw only, because this structure is simple reliable, bit dislocation is convenient, rapid. Bit is used tangential installation means, bear tangential of force sectional big, can use deepness of big feed, big cutting and higher machine tool power thereby. Because wear away area is wider, bit wears away not easily and collapse blade, the chamfer that discharge bits can increase, platoon bits is fluent, bit changes rapid and accurate. To avoid photograph adjacent bit (or knife chamfer) overlap in dimensional happening or interfere, every groups of razor blade are in cutter hub must be discharged on circumferential direction distributing, can reduce the force of the biggest cutting when milling and cutting force wave motion already so, can make the cutting power load of each razor blade tends basically again even. Fork of treatment railroad manganese, switch is special but dislocation milling cutter by Harbin works of the first tool numerical control divides Ingersoll the factory developed hind of put into production 1991, factory of bridge of classics treasure chicken and factory of hill custom bridge are used, treatment effect and entrance cutting tool are identical, and absolutely advantage is had on the price, replaced entrance cutting tool basically so. At present my factory already can be approved quantify production this system but dislocation milling cutter (include TBQD221-01, 02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14 wait for) . CNC Milling CNC Machining