Cast machines the rehabilitate of exterior blemish

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1. Summarize cast steel after treatment is finished, regular meeting of its surface classics appears all sorts of crackle, sand holes is amiable aperture cast blemish, these blemish affect the exterior quality with final product and service life directly, undertake to its for this need repair is handled. Because right now the each part dimension of the spare parts already was machined,reach the designated position, the rehabilitate that gives a spare parts blemish caused difficulty. We ever used advanced travel bedding face to accumulate v previously, go up next the technology that the machine tool has rework, create the waste when very big desk not only, and because solder fills,the carbide of mother capable person that causes in the process accumulates, hard tendentiousness of temper by dipping in water increases, make rework appears more apparent raised solder mark. In the meantime, when filling to the solder that blemish is in, often grind because of repairing do not wait for a reason to cause thoroughly cannot fill solder is finished, after rework, original trachoma, stoma can be shown again come out, the effect very not ideal, cause a lot of products to taking blemish to leave factory finally, the economy that gives a company and credit caused severe loss. Be aimed at this one circumstance, the research with our long course, fumble, practice and summary, through using reasonable filling solder and long grind, solved this one difficult problem effectively. 2. The solder pre-treatment cast steel of blemish blemish has two kinds commonly: Namely bright blemish (1) seeing a picture and dark blemish (2) seeing a picture. When bright blemish solders, electric arc can immediate effect arrives the surface of whole blemish, and filling solder can undertake on local defect only when dark blemish solders (see a picture 2 medium measure 2) , blemish processing is not complete, leave snake in the grass, because must try to repair to dark blemish before this solder,the special attention processing to blemish answers before grinding filling solder, make blemish is shown completely come out. With horn to burnish the tool such as machine, scoop undertakes serious clearing to blemish, make its show metallic burnish, be opposite especially the processing of crackle, must notice to clear repair thoroughly grind a groove, in order to prevent generation not solder is appeared, the phenomenon such as slag inclusion. To the dark blemish of some more difficult discovery, when searching, want attentive all the more, the lamp that use a hand is searched carefully and make good number. Conceal defect to what appearance falls, because its blemish place is cuticular thinner, side can discover to illuminant observation cave slightly or disintegrate grain trace, additionally some very tiny flaw discover not easily at that time, but too a little while can dust accumulates phenomenon, as a result of,this is steel itself can exist more or less a few magnetic, inside data is in magnetism equably even, and rupture place criterion can produce leakage magnetism phenomenon. After be cleaned clean, accumulate with respect to meeting generation dust a little while too, rotate in emery wheel especially attrition condition plays easier discovery. Solder fills must repair seriously before these dark blemish grind complete, the metal that eliminate hampers electric arc is entered, make blemish is exposed completely, cleared and clean, undertake filling solder next. Mix to narrow position cannot clear complete blemish (if dark blemish reachs deep persnickety aperture on tine,wait) the difficulty when solder fills is corresponding bigger. Because weldment brim reachs solder layer, solder,cannot clear thoroughly between the path, make solder frit drop impurity is overmuch, interior of the blemish when solder fills puts the gas that take to issue outward transgression in high temperature condition, deepness of together with welding line is insufficient, appear very easily below the tensile stress action of steel body gas crackle phenomenon. In the meantime, in the filling solder that is in to blemish, often cannot fill solder is finished, after rework, original blemish can be shown possibly again come out, produce crackle extremely easily. Accordingly, make reasonable solder fill processing technology is very vital. 3. The step that filling solder process takes (the choice welding rod with reasonable 1) , solder to safeguard repair quality is crucial. The organization of frit apply metal as a result of solder hind can produce carbide to accumulate phenomenon, increased metallic brittleness, right now if welding line intensity is exorbitant will bring about welding line tenacity, plasticity and crack resistance to be able to drop, reduced use security thereby. So, according to blemish type, appropriate of welding line metal uses low intensity to match, with reducing welding line intensity appropriately, assure good tenacity and plasticity. Pass a test, we use a form 506 or knot render of 507 welding rod, with the knot surface of 422 welding rod fills solder, achieved better result. Knot 506 with the knot 507 welding rod are low hydrogen alkalescent welding rod, have fight hot tearing function and mechanical function goodly, but its use a requirement taller, need to undertake dry processing first, and the liability that produces air hole is bigger, the ferruginous, grease that goes up to weldment and moisture are more sensitive. And knot 422 for acidity welding rod, the sensitivity that compares all sorts of pair of impurity with photograph of alkalescent welding rod is not great, and after soldering as very good as noumenal fusion, long the trace did not solder apparently after grinding, regard final v solder as the layer with it so. (2) uses dc welder to be received instead, short electric arc and lesser electric current undertake filling solder, solder smally hot input is helpful for reducing welding line to be opposite the penetration ratio of mother capable person, reduce the generation of hot crack. And use receiving electrode instead is the need that alkalescent welding rod solders not only, and the temperature of negative pole of prep above of temperature of electric arc anode because of dc welder, the temperature that the matrix when be being received instead bears the weight of as negative pole wants low, can reduce the phenomenon that bites an edge appropriately so. (In 3) solder filling process, every solder layer and solder dot should undertake hammer is attacked in order to reduce welding stress, prevent new crackle generation. (4) cannot have the tiny flaw that clear to stricture, in can use stainless steel welding rod to undertake repairing appropriately when necessary, have the aid of its frit drop is cooling slow, viscosity is mixed greatly the characteristic with a bit low hardness after refrigeration, to tiny flaw (be like stomatic, small sand holes) exterior Feng Bufei constant advantageous. 4. Blemish solder aftertreatment (1) is repaired grind a process to use dynamoelectric part to burnish machine deserve to use palm corundum piece shape emery wheel undertakes kibble, long when grinding, make as far as possible emery wheel piece with be repaired to grind face parallel, notice observation is repaired to worry the situation of place at any time, discover its periphery position appears raise instantly when slight scrape. Repair in grinding a process, the hand is accomplished from beginning to end to pressure from arrive again light, by arrive greatly small. Long grind athletic contrail to use across to move, across moves be helpful for observation building the variation that grinds a trace to go up, master better long grind the accuracy that go up. Grind the treatment area with higher demand to repairing, should notice to repair when grinding cannot reach the designated position, want to take superabundant amount, use next cast mating plate, file to wait to be repaired subtly grind. (After 2) polish decorates rehabilitate of spare parts blemish to finish, should restore the treatment integrality with original part, although repair place and decorative pattern of other treatment surface are consistent, without repair apparently grind a trace. This is in with respect to need repair the final phase that grind to be ground to repairing place undertake polishing abrade processing. We are used in production burnish machine cooperate 100 leaves to cast mating plate to undertake polishing is handled. Cast mating plate granularity to be controlled for F100, ra is close to exterior surface roughness 0.

8 μ M, the surface roughness that can satisfy each spare parts basically asks, the grain that just produces meeting and primary treatment lines are different. The decorative pattern that grinds to make repair and treatment decorative pattern are consistent, the spare parts surface that we are over with treatment is done fiducial, made fixed position stand (if pursue,3 show) . The electric wheelhead that rotates radial when the job matchs 100 leaves rag wheel to lean on fixed position bracket with hand enclasp, use fixed position annulus to control moving contrail, the body makes mechanical motion for axes with the waist, every are cast grind extend rag wheel control into 10Innl, imitate mechanical feed way, make repair grind decorative pattern and treatment decorative pattern to agree. Next, bead of pink of emery wheel of will green carborundum and kerosene mix make abrade material, grind a face to undertake meticulous polish to repairing along machining grain, make thereby if clean of workpiece rehabilitate gloriole is new, did not repair grind a trace. 5. Epilogue is in manufacturing practice, we adopt measure to have repair in the light of concrete cast, repair quality achieves the quality requirement of the product, get of manufacturer approbate reach reputably. It is the finish machining gear that repair in shop of heavy-duty machine tool wears Qiqihaer to be regarded as example to exhibit among them, for me the factory is contended for achieved beneficial result, won honor. CNC Milling CNC Machining