With the machining center that machines at lever makings

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Graph all sorts of 1 complex product parts (steel) it is OK that citing uses many cutting tool on machining center machine tool have full treatment to 5 faces of intricate work or 6 faces. Apparent prep above contains its drive efficiency the lathe of add drive cutting tool, expect with lever treatment also has economic benefits when small lot workpiece very much. Long-term since hunting shotgun or athletic firearms are the manual means production that uses a convention. The characteristic of this product is quality and precision requirement tall, every branch gun has respective character, because this forms the characteristic of small lot production necessarily. Before a few years, rifle bolt spare parts presses year of batch production, now every time order volume is 100 ~ commonly 500. Because ask the development cycle of new product is shorter and shorter, need to reduce stocks to reduce cost at the same time, because this asks,the production lot henceforth is 30 ~ 200. Product part form is very complex, see a picture 1. Its material majority is steel, aluminium and brass. Change in great quantities model product and often changing is batch as far as possible a little reason. The complete treatment of intricate work pursues the 2 firing pin housing that build for C45 steeliness. This product part is machined formerly by much stage machine tool and become. The handling time when batch is 500 is 26.

65min/ (include settling time) . Graph the 2 firing pin housing that machine with profiled bar pursue the 3 machining center that apply to lever makings pursue makings of 4 treatment lever uses but bend circumgyrate workbench machines rationalize to make, can choose originally circumferential carried multitask automatic machine bed or much axis are automatic lathe, but because production lot is small, former because change the cost of tool is high, because latter wants to master machine skill newly and all be eliminated outer. Good program is the MC530/SM that chooses production of Stama machinery plant machining center (3) seeing a picture. Power of main shaft of this machine tool is 21kW(70N · M) , rotate speed is 36 ~ 9000r/min. Main shaft can change a knife automatically, the cutting tool that can load a diameter to amount to 88mm, length to amount to 250mm, weight to amount to 12kg (cutting is to cutting time 3.

5s) . The working limits of coordinate of its X, Y, Z is 350mm of × of 800mm × 400mm, add can tilt the A of circumgyrate workbench and B axis (4) seeing a picture, resolution is 0.

001 ° , can realize pentahedral treatment. Coordinate all is controlled by CNC, have interpolation function. Through can tilting circumgyrate workbench, the lever that can cross 800mm to grow expects (diameter or diagonally dimension are 20 ~ 60mm) . In the left of circumgyrate workbench, provide material having lever (good stuff and different lever) on makings station. After the hand uses feed a machine, makings is automatic till shift is touched go up till the fixed link stopper that installs on main shaft, secure its clamp by pinchcock head next (4) seeing a picture. Still can deserve to have lever material library. It and go up join of makings station photograph, make the machine tool can be machined automatically for long. What can retroflexion can be install to move makings manipulator to be machined in order to realize 6 on machine tool workbench. Workpiece grows to be able to be propped up by the rear push frame of the installation opposite side when need with clamp. The machine tool deserves to have change knife knife library automatically, main shaft box is direct from cutting tool of knife library capture (change knife orgnaization) without other. The hole of Ø40mm can be drilled on St60 rolled steel, treatment gives M27 whorl, 600cm3/min) is when milling quantity is 350cm3/min(mill aluminous material. Already the cutting tool of mix up carries laser measurement unit on the machine tool (of Blum Novotest company) affirmatory length, so that undertake,wear away detect. The machine tool assists time weak point, fast feed speed can amount to 40m/min. Public errand of fixed position precision amounts to P14, fixed position spends Ps=10µm dispersedly. Apply special program to undertake vulcanize countervail to the machine tool. This machining center can expect the lever of 40mm × 15mm to immediate treatment becomes complete firing pin. Its machine plan first is the machine program that weaves one uses situation of 38 20 knives, labor. Dish of milling cutter is used after treatment ends (100mm, 125m/min) workpiece preliminary incision, leave surplus of a few millimeter, use finally acicular knife (Ø6mm, 4800r/min) departs workpiece (the work that can avoid to already had been machined so is falling to break off and throw) without pilot circumstance. According to this craft, the cutting time Th=5 of every workpiece.

62min, auxiliary time (machine tool settling time) in all 3.

05min, x, time of Y fixed position is 0.

49min. Such, machine every work total time for 9.

16min, namely machine tool efficiency (fall in 80% bear) it is 5 / H. When two are made every weekday is 84. Press afore-mentioned craft treatment, discover problem of existence of precision of firing pin inclined hole. This is as a result of the transverse aperture Ø3 that gets first.

5mm causes Ø5.

The oriented aperture of 0mm produces slight deviation, then makes from the reverse side inclined to the Ø2 that get.

The Kong Ye of 25mm produces slight deviation. For this, undertake modification to craft, make the aperture of firing pin perpendicular the semifinished product end panel at it, next mill gives end panel. After improving technology, the handling time of every workpiece is 16.

5min(shares) of 28 labor situation. This time should grow than before, but this is secondary, important is to raise workpiece precision, ensure can realize its normal function. Next case is treatment insurance horn piece (graph 1 in have) . When former preexistence batch is 500, handling time is 16min, when batch is 150 now, installation treatment is finished need only 10.

6min. At present the weak point in craft behaves the weak point that the job prepares to go up in process designing above all, if process designing of firing pin housing still needs 12 ~ 15h at present. We go up in machining center of 4 axle control commonly before process designing, and need gather into one of a 5 shaftings now. For this, we should search appropriate system. Trying familiar phase of the job at present, change new product needs 30 ~ 45min, include to change pinchcock head, what readjustments lever expects is oriented, change a cutting tool that already had been opposite. But henceforth after adroitness, what can arrange batch to produce reasonably is ordinal, be the same as type spare parts in order to machine, the time that can adjust different lever to expect elliptically thereby and main cutting tool is loaded in knife library (the knife that standard knife library has 42 SK40) time. Need to change only individual cutting tool can shorten settling time. Cutting tool respect, mix with HSS broach commonly take coat (TiN, of TiCN) establish milling cutter and hard alloy knife. Choose general and commonly used cooling fluid. Shape with what contain different R milling cutter pours circular arc. CNC Milling CNC Machining