Be based on UG solder application of CNC Machining of type lamina pump

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The article basically was discussed use UGNX to undertake turbine advocate the CNC Machining plan of oil pump impeller plans to reach those who machine a process to optimize; Advocate oil pump is turbine lubricates as crucial as pilot part, its make quality affect the on the safe side of turbine to move directly. 1 foreword advocate the crucial part that oil pump is turbine, responsible adjustment the oil pressure of lubricant and cooling system is built reach turbine to control signal oil pressure to happen, the precision demand of its lamina flow path is very high. Its make quality affect the on the safe side of turbine to move directly. UG-CAM is introduced in the company before system of automatic process designing, basically use method of manual process designing to undertake machining, want to have much consideration not only, make mistake easily; And treatment efficiency is low, spare parts precision and bright and clean cannot assure, and follow-up clamp builds a capacity very big. For this, its processing technique is one of tasks that technology design personnel studies all the time. After introduced UGNX software system, be opposite through using the CAD/CAM function of UGNX turbine advocate the research that oil pump impeller has CNC Machining technology, learn the advantage of function of UG-CAD/CA M system adequately: Safe, reliable, short, program revises process designing cycle convenient. 2 advocate current situation of treatment of oil pump impeller and craft analyse advocate the CNC Machining equipment of oil pump impeller is: North one big lean close to machining center of 3 coordinate linkage, numerical control system is: OSP-E10M-R. Advocate the crucial position that oil pump impeller machines is the blade molded lines on impeller body and flow path. If pursue 1 side-glance sketch map, its basically ask to be blade molded lines accurate; The laryngeal dimension precision between blade; The surface roughness of flow path. When using manual process designing to undertake CNC Machining, amount of process designing computation is huge, program data precision is inferior, its machined finished blade profile and flow path not to satisfy technical requirement not only, and need clamp builds blade profile and flow path, the workload that clamp repairs is very big, treatment efficiency is low, quality also cannot assure, easy destroy the face that already had machined. The graph is shown 2 times undertake to use manual process designing after CNC Machining is finishing advocate oil pump impeller. Graph 1: Advocate side view of oil pump impeller pursues 2: Of CNC Machining of manual process designing advocate oil pump impeller (local) advocate the program of CNC Machining technology of body of oil pump impeller. Basis advocate characteristic of semifinished product of oil pump impeller, its protruding station share already the car is good, other part needs to be finished on machining center, regard treatment as the centre of a circle of protruding stage accordingly fiducial, nod to the knife namely. Above all, undertake rough machining. Want the major surplus of impeller body in take out of this one pace, because of this width according to impeller body flow path, choose the big diameter with appropriate measure to set tine knife. Next, undertake semifinishing machining. To assure the precision of impeller and surface roughness, we are in this one pace first take out surplus of one little part, machine blade ply and underside namely three-dimensional part, notice protection already machined good cone even at the same time, system of its consummate inspection, had prevented to cut. The 3rd, have precision work. This one pace should machine plane of blade ply, bottom and three-dimensional underside to blueprint dimension, and should have adjusted the part that receive a knife. Finally, undertake root ministry clears. Use namely be less than the ball knife that is equal to a ministry to pour round horn R to be worth to have clear root, achieve the goal with complete treatment. As a result of the characteristic of impeller blades, before we adjust plane of finish machining bottom to semifinishing machining, can make the treatment of blade ply achieves bottom plane directly so. The CAD that Nextpage 3 builds CAD model to use UGNX is right turbine advocate body of oil pump impeller undertakes draft scale, assure the uniqueness of geometrical model and consistency. When model of CAD of tectonic impeller body, what want set geometry model above all is fiducial, good fiducial can help us simplify the course that builds a model, the design of convenient later period is revised. The beginning that establishs modular procedure for the most part normally is from the design fiducial those who begin, accordingly we the design blueprint of 2 dimension CAD is standard what also be three-dimensional CAD model surely is fiducial. Next, notice the message of semifinished product, the share that is dropped by treatment cannot regard semifinished product as entity, must paint finish machining picture in detail. The 3rd, according to processing order the requirement reachs the need that machines a method, add a series of auxiliary lines. Because model of spare parts geometry and cutting tool method are complete relevant, cutting tool method can be updated automatically along with the change of geometrical model, want method of mature cutting tool to whether can be interfered when geometrical model is built so. Geometrical model is built is a foundation with working coordinate department, and Dao Weiwen generating is a foundation in order to machine coordinate department. When undertaking to impeller body geometry builds a model, considering be helpful for handlers accurate the position to the knife, general the centre of a circle of good with already was being machined three-dimensional protruding mesa serves as standard position. The department of directional job coordinate of reference axis and posture of department of machine tool coordinate are consistent. Used when building the lamina on impeller body multilayer molded lines filling face, filling with the face hypostatic. The CAD model of impeller body is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph 3: The CAD model of impeller body 4 advocate UGNX-CAM of process designing of numerical control of CAM of oil pump impeller has powerful milling to machine a function, can generate reasonable optimized knife to any complex curved surface orbit, change into numerical control machine tool to be able to know program of other CNC Machining next. 4.

1 build cutting tool library to machine equipment as automation, treatment of numerical control machine tool has higher demand to the knife, requirement cutting tool has taller precision, stiffness and durability. For this, should use cutting tool of integral hard alloy as far as possible or set do not grind machine clip again hard alloy razor blade and coating razor blade. The durability of cutting tool should the working hours that can assure to machine a spare parts or class of a job at least. Accordingly my company uses the milling cutter of SECO, the milling cutter type of the setting uses 5 parameter milling cutter can, compensate length the number platoon that diameter of register date, cutting tool amends register order is good, read with how-to controller take these data. The setting of cutting tool date is used at how-to controller to control a machine tool to use cutting tool the cutting tool of corresponding number. 4.

2The CAM milling module that because UG is medium,analysis of CNC Machining craft and cutting method decide really offerred thick car, take knife essence car for many times, the parameter such as rotate speed of set feed, main shaft and mental allowance. Use the CAM milling function in UG, according to my company advocate the actual condition of characteristic of body of oil pump impeller and semifinished product surplus, after undertaking an analysis to CNC Machining craft, use the method that divide a pace to undertake. The first pace: Open groovy treatment, namely rough machining flow path. The purpose depends on opening the steam way between blade, form a channel, for semifinishing machining ready-made. Good to impeller body car semifinished product undertakes thick mill flow path, requirement underside stays 0.

3mm surplus, flank stays 0.

5mm surplus. The 2nd pace: Finish machining bottom is flat. Press blueprint dimension demand, vacate flank, plane of bottom of mill of essence of life arrives blueprint dimension. The 3rd pace: Ply of semifinishing machining lamina and underside are three-dimensional. Because what use cutting tool diameter very small, cutting amount is large easy wear away cutting tool, reason uses semifinishing machining. Ply of semifinishing machining lamina and underside are three-dimensional part, for final blueprint dimension every stay 0.

2mm surplus. The 4th pace: Ply of finish machining lamina and underside are three-dimensional. Ply of lamina of mill of essence of life and underside are three-dimensional part, have final precision work. Its walk along cutter track diameter and semifinishing machining identical, it is surplus differs only. The 5th pace: Clear root. Basically use be less than the ball knife that is equal to a ministry to pour horn to be worth to undertake root ministry clears. If Nextpage pursues 4, the graph shows finish machining lamina face and clear root sketch map 5 times. Graph 4: Finish machining lamina face (part) graph 5: Clear root (part) 4.

The chooses cutting tool option principle of 3 cutting tool, the process capability that wants the function according to hardware data, type that processes working procedure, machine tool and the cutting dosage that prepare to choose will choose cutting tool reasonably. Below probable condition, choose bigger cutting tool diameter as far as possible, in order to make sure the knife has enough stiffness, decrease shake or cutting tool breaks off etc. Fall in probable condition at the same time, the installation length of cutting tool should choose as far as possible short, in order to enhance the stiffness of cutting tool. Machine need according to the outline appearance of impeller body, had set different cutting tool parameter, use cutting tool as process designing. Planar to milling, use upright milling cutter; Three-dimensional to milling part and root ministry, use ball knife. 4.

The choice of 4 courses taking a knife chooses reasonable route taking a knife, the treatment precision with assuring a spare parts and bright and clean degree, reduce empty knife as far as possible, choose shorter route taking a knife, the part that machines with process designing of a cutting tool to impeller physical ability is done together repeatedly as far as possible, save pair of knife time, in order to improve productivity. The CAM in UGNX has rich cutting tool contrail to edit a function, can control the aleatoric detail of cutting direction and orbit appearance, can appoint circular arc is linear and perpendicular, tangent, tangent wait for all sorts of entering, the means that retreat a knife, also can choose profile modeling spare parts and the outline outside one-way, reciprocating type, profile modeling, outline to wait for cutting means, in order to get used to diverse demand, get high quality treatment result. Be aimed at impeller body treatment, bottom of the choice when rough machining and flank are machined at the same time; Bottom of the choice when finish machining and flank undertake machining respectively. And means of knife of advance and retreat chooses with circular arc tangent undertake, in order to assure the treatment precision of impeller body. 4.

5 make up the CAM milling in nodding a program to undertake UGNX to the finish machining picture that already painted automatic process designing, through above advocate after the actual condition of surplus of semifinished product of system of oil pump impeller machines craft to analyse, choose reasonable route taking a knife; Set reasonable cutting tool parameter; Use enter reasonably, the means that retreat a knife; Rotate speed of control feed, main shaft and mental allowance parameter and setting pre-treatment each parameter, undertake nodding a file to generate. (nod a file to call CLS Dao Weiwen again) the condition that observes below graphical means contrail of cutting tool edge moves next, hand-in-hand travel graph changes revise: If undertake to cutting tool contrail outspread, shorten or revise etc. In the light of impeller body treatment craft requirement weaves first underside program, reorganization each lamina two flank program, underside of final work out is three-dimensional before part and lamina R2.

The program of 5 parts. Need to undertake across weaves the dot is located in a program according to actual surplus circumstance sometimes. 4.

At 6 o'clock program imitate is emulated be opposite on treatment of center of actual CNC Machining to decrease the adjustment of cutting tool, assure to generate nod a program dependability, in answering to choose a program in the CAM milling in UGNX, to cutting tool orbit makes effectiveness inspection widely as far as possible, so that have detail to choosing a program,the analysis reachs the interference condition that observes cutting tool. The milling cutter that shows to cutting tool library is called to answer relatively in menu from cutting tool method, on screen imitate shows cutting tool way, can detect parameter setting is proper, if nod a program to show cutting tool imitate is emulated not ideal, return milling to machine module to undertake be modificationed afresh to a few parameter, till generate nod a program imitate to emulate a result to accord with treatment completely to ask actually. Emulated process analyses the program validity of the work out to will provide very great help to us. Nextpage 4.

We use the set that 7 postposition handle method of UG POST aftertreatment, output NC program. The aftertreatment of knife course file is done in UG, make a machine tool acceptable NC program, the aftertreatment must have two essential factor: Knife course and aftertreatment implement. Data of cutting tool contrail is generated automatically in UG-CAM, UG postposition processor is managed by incident implement with the definition the file is formed. System of machining center numerical control is OSP-E10M-R, because this used editor of UG/POST Builder aftertreatment to develop this to accuse systematic aftertreatment by my company person specially assigned for a task or job, generated CNC Machining program need not revise machine tool of numerical control of OK and direct input to undertake the product is machined by hand, the numerical control program that settled generation of general postposition processor thereby needs to have modification trival course 2 times artificially. 4.

The in generating UGNX CAM milling of 8 machine program weaves automatically choose a program, after be being handled through postposition program, create machine program of machine tool level-headed finally. Generated program is as follows form: (Part Name: F:2005051920050526.

Prt) (Created By: Angelina) (Creation Date: Fri May 27 14:12:42 2005) (Start Of Path: D25) (Tool: D25 D=25.


8) (FEEDRATE: 300) (RPM: 1500) G15H1 G00G90G40X-83.


170M03S1500 G56Z50.

000H01M08 G17G01... ...       ... G01... (End Of Path: D25) (End Of Task: F:2005051920050526.

Prt) (Cycle Time: 380.

" of above of 96MIN) M30 % ... part of " code name is numerical control automatic calculative takes punctuation in the program. And begin and after the buy before numerical control process designing is medium treats a setting, the end is created partly. Graph 6 to use UG-CAM automatic process designing undertakes after CNC Machining is finishing advocate oil pump impeller. Graph 6: Of CNC Machining of automatic process designing advocate oil pump impeller (local) 5 conclusion practice makes clear, UGNX-CAD/CAM software is in advocate numerical control of body of oil pump impeller is automatic the application on process designing, rose advocate body of oil pump impeller machines quality, when automatic process designing, want to choose sound technology to control parameter only, combine process designing experience, make treatment process gets be reflectinged adequately. Undertake be improvemented of craft parameter stage by stage to the program that creates automatically at the same time, rise stage by stage, can raise treatment efficiency and treatment precision greatly, shorten development and production are periodic. CNC Milling CNC Machining