Bilge quickly the axis wears clamping apparatus

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Graph 1 ball bore with a reamer 1.


Peg 2.

Shackle 3.

Globose gasket 4.

Fixed position axis 5.

Awl is covered outside 6.

Back-up ring 7.

Washerbed down the livestock 8.

Stage clip 10.

Inner cone bilges set 11.

Bolt pursues the 2 ball hats that wear around of clamping apparatus nitriding to if the graph shows ball dumpling 1 times,need grinding, those who if the graph is shown 2 times,use bilge the axis wears clamping apparatus, can reduce precision of fixed position aperture, assemble and unassemble quick, go to the lavatory simply. When using, debus shackle 2. The awl outside holding is covered 5, overcome bounce, two cone are broken away from, inner cone bilges set shrink inside 10 restoration; Bilge workpiece outfit to cover and be raised into inner cone lean in fixed position axis on the 3 protruding stage of 4; The awl outside loosening is covered, below bounce action, pass cone, make inner cone bilges outside covering piece, bilge pressing job, hold lock ring, the 1 end panel that falls into fixed position axis is short of peg inside groove; Globose gasket the 3 protruding stage of 3 is clingy workpiece, spherical go up at shackle cone from centering. With top installation, axial and radial clamping force coexist, can grinding. Conversely, debus workpiece. Design a point: Shackle, outside awl is covered with fixed position axis cooperate clearance appropriate small. After assembling, fixed position axis 3 protruding stage is perpendicular at two top aperture common spool thread, inner cone bilges cover outside circle and two tips aperture are communal axes is coaxial; Elastic force is moderate. CNC Milling CNC Machining