Use CAM software to develop the greatest potential of the machine tool

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Always can make full use of in CAM software the place of machine tool function, should can identify special project, bring a profit to the user with this, be developed to the greastest extent and develop the latent capacity of milling machine. Compose the purpose of the article is to surmount run-of-mill treatise, distinguish a special project, all sorts of functions that use a machine tool through CAM software bring more profits to the user. Is CAM system right your aftertreatment implement what kind of level did acknowledge reach? The technical data that a lot of CAM software can use at making cutting tool way outputs a file with what write neuter form, for example APT CL data. Pass next external aftertreatment implement program, neuter data changeover becomes a machine tool special format, its focus is centered on the dynamic character of the machine tool and control system information. Of course, this kind of conventional technology is in successfully actual in got applied. However, between plan of cutting tool method and aftertreatment measure be out of line, mean an aftertreatment implement the certain information that cannot be close to machine tool function. Same, CAM program often departs each other with the specific details of target machine tool. In domain of much axis application, use compositive aftertreatment implement technical advantage is: In can making its use a field in much axis more vivid. Graph 1 image imitate, the blue share that shows in the graph changes as the direction of axes system of coordinate of local process designing is additional information can deliver an aftertreatment from CAM system implement in, improve the performance of the machine tool in order to help, can be opposite through this example system of coordinate of local process designing is described further. Major CAM system is the definition that passes system of coordinate of ministry of play a game of chess or frame, undertake operating to simple geometrical logo on aleatoric direction. For example an aperture, model antrum recess and carven letter, its process designing also arises on this direction. Be opposite next aftertreatment implement make necessary adjustment, the treatment instruction that passes an aftertreatment so is changed into original of corresponding definition spare parts, serve as the referenced value of the machine tool. So your aftertreatment implement system of coordinate of setting of understanding spare parts (NCS) frame of system of standoff ministry coordinate? To the controller of a lot of machine tools, can use this information and fixed loop to undertake 2D process designing. Another example and CAM software concern the join function of mode of much axis bore, it has the join function with mode of much axis bore. If CAM software knows the control of the machine tool has center management function, so the join method between these bore order (move according to booked safe place commonly) can use capacity of this kind of control, plus synchronism changes collision to examine join way, make cutting tool approachs work, because move and cause the extension with periodic treatment to place of safety continuously,avoid. After having this kind of news, can make the craft of the machine tool gets better assurance, the function of the machine tool also can rise further. What level can CAM system reach after all to the understanding of your machine tool? As a result of purpose of the size of the machine tool, power, application, wait for a problem with the limitation of etc and limitation, so the machine tool has different function, be aimed at these different situations, the application with different formulate is politic, this is very helpful to CAM software system. Among them, a final user may have the device that is used at producing large pattern, and the small-sized high speed that manufacturing electrode uses machines a machine tool. Accordingly, the milling machine with many different productivity can be configured in a factory. CAM software can focus the central issue on industrial component, and the market hopes to see different type, but the solution that has extensive base however, the final user that mentions in example among them, can use a kind to be able to agree with of all kinds machine tool and the software product that use range, in order to improve the treatment performance of the machine tool. Graph the 2 forging that use production of method of much axis graduation, can use strong voice milling to machine 5 axes treatment to be in 5 axes in machining center, can find their certain and different character apparently. The distinction between them is very clear, for example dynamical position, whether does no matter rotate,the axis contain cutting tool; No matter rotate,the axis is how to design a machine tool in, no matter between each axis whether mutual perpendicular or present different point of view. 5 axes treatment is a kind of strong treatment method really, to improving the tool, attune that reduces workpiece to try the frequency that hold card is mixed raise exterior quality to have very big gain, allow cutting tool to be close to complex geometrical form. But from processing great quality (be like machine tool and spare parts) in light of the angle of complex kinetic principle when, use complete solution of 5 axes imitate does not apply to every application domain very can ideally. 4+1 machines craft to be in a lot of mould application domains, the user can secure the shaft that prop up through seeking, the new solution that uses runner shaft coming back actively will obtain 5 axes treatment to be in tool and the taller efficiency in debugging. This kind of craft calls 4+1 to machine craft. Besides the dynamic performance that improves a machine tool, generally speaking, this kind of craft also made full use of runner shaft of machine tool top spin (C axis) more high-powered advantage. Mould component often contains the characteristic of smaller part diameter, can produce a finished product part that contains round horn and brim thereby. From the point of experience, these characteristics are by additional EDM craft causes. Today, these characteristics often use treatment of 5 axes machine tool. Generate the result that the small diameter cutting tool that these characteristic place ask achieves, use the place of long cutting tool with outspread longer length to be achieved impossibly. To small diameter cutting tool, if its length is shorter,contain thicker taper axis, so its machine function to be able to get further improvement. Generally speaking, use 5 axes to treatment can suit and satisfy thick axis to machine the need of the tool. 3+2 treatment method no matter circumstance how, but reach its to machine function through restricting the amount of drive shaft to still can raise cutting tool. The 4+1 that mentions above machines craft, the high speed that can use a machine tool rotates axis. One kind calls much axis graduated treatment is simplify 5 axes program the treatment part that discloses 3+2, simplify further thereby the dynamic character of the machine tool and cutting tool stability. Because its have a fixed cutting tool way inside complex part, because the 3+2 of this generalization is machined,the law can arise to settle the program of the problem stage by stage. Craft of much axis graduation offerred the technology of a kind of adapt oneself to changing circumstances, allow a machine tool to manage many part from job of a process designing, adjust afresh the direction between them. In certain application domain, for example along complex model core or model the cutting tool that antrum wall runs up and down, the journey of cutting tool method that its become independent each times has a 3+2 solution that with its around differs possibly. When cutting tool the light locomotive trip in process taking a knife transfers when moving, can produce 5 axes to change direction again. Accordingly, this kind of craft can secure angle mediumly to machine a method to be opposite with a program whole model core or model antrum undertakes comprehensive strong voice milling is machined. Use much axis ably to machine the performance that can improve a machine tool, and the 3+2 technology that uses a course to carry out test, can assure high grade surface quality and the service life that prolong cutting tool. Graph the blowhole on mould of this 3 tire is finished in one-time treatment. When treatment, between direction of much axis aperture, did the means CAM system that uses stone's throw systole and synchronism to change campaign control systematic understanding what to kind of level reach to your CNC? Before workpiece puts a machine tool to machine, advanced CAM software not only have the capacity that identifies its to may produce collision, and still can avoid to produce these collision. When differentiating the appearance that gives likelihood happening collision, can choose the mobile way of a variety of cutting tool, give out a blame to violate an injunction. A few what kind of regulation ought to software use? Are all blame interference positions equal found? Once had applied such example to solve this problem: Ask a seasoned machinist, he will search the smooth stability of main shaft of all machine tool, avoid a space to be tightened too, it is the limits limitation of the search inside control limits, prevent the potential solution that lose contact with reality. The crucial principle that crucial principle contains in CAM software is the basis rotates twice the function of workbench, avoid to produce the motion of mutual collision, avoid potential position to be far from base line (interference) solution, the statement that avoids deviate direction and adjacent instruction are mutual and promiscuous, make sure the machine tool moves smoothly. Above all, the runner shaft coming back that realises a machine tool may have different specifications, pass pair of dynamic axes more apace is mobile, can solve interference problem better. Avoid potential position to be far from the solution of base line, will be helpful for eliminating vicinity of potential deviate of old point of view each a little bit, because this kind of circumstance may bring about the length to cutting tool to raise additional requirement, the trends that can reduce cutting tool is characteristic. And, the deviate of general orientation changes what may bring about runner shaft coming back to move suddenly, meet those who put forward to exceed main shaft capacity accelerate a requirement. In should accepting jussive NC to dictate, contain tall when the campaign that expedites an axis, the calculates a function to will pass its interior compensation of system of CNC numerical control, try to solve these problems. Control system often can lower feed rate, regard a kind of method as its, make acceleration falls accessible level. This kind of craft can rescue brim sex instruction, but won't make the machine tool develops optimum behavior. Falling to the situation that prevents collision to pose a challenge especially, CAM software solution must can make smooth statement, such control systems won't raise exorbitant requirement. Its purpose is to found the CAM software that can let a machine tool execute an operation. Pass the understanding of these pair of systems, the ability that allows these orgnaizations and technology measure is concomitant, CAM software system can is opposite machine tool and the effect that the downstream technical properties in controlling a system produces the obverse side. 5 axes treatment is not a technology that has challenge sex, but should use the software system with a sound design only, can obtain very good 5 axes to machine function. CNC Milling CNC Machining