The electron solders complementary makings considers to apply

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As the development of electronic IT, of electronic product compositive degree taller and taller, in its production production process, taller and taller also to soldering quality requirement, because the electron solders,this basically is quality has very big effect to the overall service mass of electronic product, the very main component in be being made as electronic welder, make sure the electron solders the quality of complementary makings is very necessary, this is made in welder with respect to need before beginning, to soldering relevantly the quality of complementary makings and parameter have comprehensive examination, in order to make sure its are applying medium quality actually, the article solders to a few kinds of commonly used electrons complementary makings undertakes simple analysis. 1.

In aiding welding flux to be made in actual electronic welder, the main effect that helps welding flux is what improve solder side in soldering process is wet, can effective purify waits for the oxide in solder side, to soldering quality has first-rate improvement action, in actual application, the craft compatibility that aids welding flux and its quality quality that nods to solder has very main effect, make in actual welder so in, want to have firm demand to its technology index, have right choice to helping welding flux product, this to soldering encounter in the process solder the problem analysis of invalidation also has very main effect, this can be found quickly in the process that the help is soldering bring about solder undesirable reason, can think method gives quickly solve, assure the success that whole welder makes. Make in actual welder in, caustic to aiding insulation resistance of welding flux acid value, surface, copperplate, bronze mirror is rate of resistor of fluid of extraction of caustic, water, haloid index has the property such as stability of content of content, solderability, solid, viscosity, density, physics, exterior strict requirement, give to its below detailed analysis. Make in actual welder in, want to be able to assure to aid the uniformity of welding flux exterior, if have a foreign body among them statified perhaps phenomenal existence, can solder to its the effect with quality more serious generation, bring about occurrence weld defects easily, and ask its have certain physical stability, its should can be in relatively large-scale temperature maintains function stability in the value. Making sure its have parameter to ask the density inside limits and viscosity are worth at the same time is very necessary, its viscosity value is exorbitant in if be in,applying actually, will use the influence with more serious generation normally to its. In its parameter requirement, solid content is main denotive the blame dissolvent part that is the existence in welding flux, this and welder make the remain after finishing measure the concern with particular existence. Solderability index is the main function target that judgement helps welding flux quality, this has immediate effect to helping solder result, in actual application, commonly used and patulous rate will undertake measuring to its solderability, theoretic will tell, its expand the value of rate is jumped over big, its have the better effect that aid solder, but the accretion that as its patulous rate is worth, its are caustic also can increase subsequently, solder to assure its quality, expand its the cost control of rate is in commonly 80% go to hundred. What certain amount contains in aiding welding flux is haloid, to its the promotion of solderability has positive effect, can significant improvement solders the effect, but if its are haloid content value is too great, can accentuate again its are caustic, in actual application, want the demand with factual basis and relevant technical standard, haloid to its content has effective control. Rate of resistor of water extraction fluid is main denotive the content level that is ion of the electric conduction in welding flux, its block value is less the content that states its are ionic is more, its are affected to the function of electronic product in actual application bigger. In actual application, to make sure the solderability that aids welding flux asks, its can be caused to solder dot and PCB certain caustic, for balanced very caustic with the relation between solderability, soldering relevantly in the standard, had specific provision to caustic measurement technique, for example, in the process that checks in dependability, connect regular meeting to undertake to its copperplate corrodes a test, can have favorable report to the caustic size of the hangover after solder, and when wanting to have a test to using the caustic measurement when, can use bronze mirror to corrode a test. Of the electronic product in a few high quality solder in the process, have to assure its taller solder quality, must want to undertake to its copperplate corrodes a test, and should allow the environmental experiment time that its are having 10 days right-and-left. Exterior insulation resistance is the index with the main another that aids welding flux, solder in all sorts of electrons in the standard, to soldering the exterior insulation resistance of complementary makings has firm demand, because this function has very big effect to the performance characteristics of electronic product, can bring about its even signal is disorder, bring about its to cannot work normally, in actual application, different electronic product has diverse demand to aiding the exterior insulation resistance of welding flux. 2.

Soldering tin solder in the electron in the process, dosage solders one kind the biggest complementary makings is soldering tin, have very big dosage in manual immersed solder and wave crest solder especially, but in actual soldering tin in producing a course, because its production technology is great simple, the amount that this causes its to produce manufacturer is exceedingly much, the manufacturing quality of different manufacturer also has very big difference, in actual manufacturing application, the content that uses stannum normally will express soldering tin norms, in soldering tin in producing a course, stannic price is higher than plumbic price near decuple, to promote the economic benefits of oneself, a few manufacturer are in soldering tin in producing a course, often use promotion lead content, the method that reduces stannic content will get more profit, this is soldering with respect to need in the process, to soldering tin actual stannum content has strict examination, examining actually in the process, will different soldering tin park solders likewise below craft, the product with stannic low content has poorer Wen Run sex, this brings about occurrence weld defects very easily. Make in welder in, if soldering tin the content of medium impurity exceeds bid, will solder the effect with quality serious generation, a few soldering tin manufacturer home is in soldering tin in producing a course, for managing cost, often undertake machining with reclaiming useless stannum, in actual manufacturing process, the impurity in adopting relevant measure to will abandon stannum again undertakes effective purify, plus raw material technology of unqualified, production is coarse wait for a reason, make among them matter content satisfies relevant requirement very hard, once soldering tin the content of medium impurity exceeds bid, will be opposite of electronic product solder the effect with quality serious generation, this is soldering with respect to need in the selection process of complementary makings, to soldering tin in the content of foreign matter has strict control. 3.

Soldering tin silk is in the solders by hand process of electronic product, need applies many soldering tin silk, solder in real electronic product in the process, even if shed the welder with the automation higher rate such as solder, wave crest solder again art in, 0 blemish are accomplished very hard also in soldering process, still need to use artificial means to undertake filling solder, this applies many soldering tin silk with respect to need, the dependability of the quality of soldering tin silk and electronic product and quality are having very main effect, in the process that detects in quality of soldering tin silk, to its alloy part detect, can the basis solders relevantly the standard will undertake detecting, to part of welding flux of its colophony core detect, the method that welding flux can help related the basis will undertake detecting, and its are successional test, uniformity test, splash quantity test also is very important detect project. To assure the applied function of soldering tin silk, wait to quantity of the haloid content in soldering tin silk, splash have strict control, better applied performance is had in making sure its are made in actual welder. 4.

Soldering tin creams the development as each electron technology, SMT assembles craft to have wide application in electronic product production, in its production process, soldering tin creams have bigger dosage, use SMT to assemble the electronic product that craft produces, have higher demand to the quality of the product, this requirement assures the quality that soldering tin creams in soldering process, its basically are by plumbic stannum alloyed powder, cream shape aids welding flux to mix composition, in requirement of its quality parameter, besides should assure its alloy part and aid welding flux part to be able to satisfy relevant standard besides the requirement, assure its even the technical index such as function can satisfy particle size distribution of shape of size of stannic bead experiment, alloy, alloy, viscosity, wetability, cave in relevant technical standard, in actual application, the stannum that soldering tin creams bead experiment, cave in the parameter such as particle shape of function, alloy is the easiest the place of occurrence quality problem, in applying actually, want to have effective control to these a few kinds of parameter, assure its performance characteristics. 5.

Product of last word electron solders in the process, its solder the service mass with overall to its quality has bigger effect, in the process that solders in its, need application arrives to solder variously complementary makings, assure to solder the quality of complementary makings pledges to soldering measure has bigger effect, this is made in welder with respect to need in, according to relevant standard, it is very important that main to its performance data undertakes detecting strictly, the article solders with respect to a few main to its kinds the function of complementary makings detects undertook simple analysis. CNC Milling CNC Machining